Thursday, December 08, 2011

stripey tree and pjs…

I have the hardest time getting GOOD photos of the kids on Christmas Eve in their PJ’s.  For one thing, it’s almost impossible to get four children who are absolutely FILLED with excitement and anticipation to HOLD STILL all at the same time.  For another thing…it’s always dark outside, which means the lights inside are on…and in my world, that means not good lighting.  I try.  Really I do.  And I take dozens of photos, hoping there will be one or two that turn out…but that just isn’t always the case.  Fortunately, black and white is always an option…and it almost always wins out in the end for my Christmas Eve pictures.

This layout features some photos (black and white, of course) of last year’s Christmas Eve PJs.  I love how they were all a little bit snuggly when I first started snapping pictures…of course it only lasted a few minutes before they were pulling silly faces and wiggling all around (the proof is in that last photo, lol).  I shared this layout yesterday on the create:blog, along with a step-by-step tutorial for creating the stripey Christmas tree.  All of the products are from the “Santa’s Workshop” collection by Doodlebug Designs.


You can see more details, along with the step-by-step photo tutorial for the tree, on yesterdays “WOW” post here. :)


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