Tuesday, September 06, 2011

my baby went to kindergarten today…

I tell him it doesn’t matter how old he gets, he’ll always be my baby.  He just smiles and says okay.


He was thrilled to be able to start Kindergarten today.  We had fun putting together a little “all about me” paper this morning.  I forgot to take a picture of it.  He did all of the writing himself – so cute.

I asked him what he wanted for lunch and he asked for Dairy Keen…so we made a quick trip to town and through the drive-thru…he ate his chicken strips and fries and lemonade slush on the way back home.

He picked out his clothes.  He was super cooperative and posed for photos – even saying “I love school” and “cheese” without me even asking him to.

(incidentally, I NEVER ask my kids to say “cheese” when I take their pictures.  Really, I don’t.)


We walked together. :)  I hung back so I could take a picture…and suddenly my baby didn’t seem so little anymore.


(Have I mentioned how much I LOVE living so close to the elementary school?  I love that Seth and Zach can walk to school every day!)

He didn’t want me to go onto the playground with him.  He told me if I wanted to wait with him, we should wait in the front of the school – not on the playground.  What?  My baby is embarrassed to have his mom hanging onto him?!?  We did not wait in front of the school.  We walked around to the kindergarten playground and he gave me a quick hug and then ran over to find some friends. 


I stood outside the chain link fence with a lot of the other moms whose “babies” were starting kindergarten today.  We watched them until the bell rang.  I walked over for another quick hug when he started walking toward me. 


Then he turned and went inside the classroom.


Just like that…my baby is a big a kindergartener now.  And I am home in a super quiet house. 

I am so glad kindergarten is only a half-day…I don’t have to be without my little buddy for too long (yet). :o)


  1. Wow he looks so grown up and big. That quiet house is awkward at first but you will soon fill it up and wonder how the half day goes so fast!

  2. Awww, he is so cute :) I thought my two would cry & cling when they went to Kindergarten but I was the one who cried!

  3. I had my "my baby is in first grade" meltdown this morning (2 weeks after he started, lol, because today I had time to actually process & think about it). It's bittersweet, isn't it?!?!

  4. Oh, how I wish kindergarten here was half days!! My girls started school in MN. It is half days there too. Here in WI.. kindergarten is all day. Long, full days. I know it is going to be hard on this mama to send her little boy off! Don't you wish they would stay little just a bit longer?

  5. Glad to see his smile. I hope he is having nice time with his little friends ..