Wednesday, August 03, 2011


I know…we’re right in the middle of summer vacation and I shouldn’t be thinking about school and homework – but when I was looking through photos on my computer last week these were just calling my name and they needed to be scrapbooked right away!


Josh does not love doing homework (but let’s be honest…what 11 year old boy really does?!?)…but he’s a trooper and works through it anyway. 


I don’t think I tell him enough how much I appreciate him and his good attitude.  Josh is really independent and doesn’t require a ton of attention and help, and I think sometimes he doesn’t get the praise he deserves.  I need to be better about telling him how proud I am of him.  Creating scrapbook pages about him and his efforts is one of the ways I want to do this.  He’s definitely a smarty pants and usually doesn’t need any help.  Once he sits down and starts working, he does it and he does it well…we have the GREAT report cards to prove it! :o)


I shared this layout earlier this week on '>Two Peas – you can peek at it '>here. :o)


Flashcards Paper

No. 2 Pencil Paper

Sleeping Bag Paper

Black Alphabet Tape (this isn’t the exact tape I used – but it’s really close!)


Pen (the .03 is my favorite journaling pen ever!)

Heart in the Dark Chipboard Alphabet

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  1. The design is lovely. And you did a great job in jourling. A scrapbook isn't merely a design, you need to squeeze a funny or sad or happy story in it. Nice work!