Monday, April 11, 2011

what i did over the weekend…

1.  We took the kiddos to see HOP.  Pretty cute – I want the soundtrack. :)
2.  We took the kids bowling.  We haven’t been bowling for a long time, so that was fun. (I took the camera, but it was way too dark – and crowded – to even attempt picture taking.)
3.  Swapped photos with a fellow Cosmo Cricket design team member – our post went up on the Cosmo Cricket blog Saturday.  Here’s a peek at the layout I made with Laura’s photos – check out the blog to see the sweet layout she created with pictures of Meagan.

hat_time_detail2 hat_time_detail1
4.  I taught a lesson about birds and bugs, lol.  I love teaching the 3 and 4 year olds every Sunday – and I have a great time putting together little coloring pages, games, and handouts too!  I made this little tag with clipart from lettering delights (they are having a HUGE dollar days sale right now).  I tied it onto a little baggie full of robin’s eggs and gummy worms. :)sunbeams_lesson13a
5.  My computer crashed.  TWICE.  Luckily my little brother was available to help me out.  It’s running – but we’ll definitely be investing in a new computer this week.
6.  Van started leaking something all over the driveway – took it to the shop this morning.  Yay – we also get to invest in a new radiator.
7.  After church yesterday, Seth started crying that his tooth hurt.  He was in a lot of pain.  I called our dentist.  He is out of town (of course) – but luckily his super assistant, Becky, made arrangements with another local dentist for “emergency” care.  Seth and I spent a couple of hours getting to know a new dentist while he got an emergency root canal.
8.  We were supposed to be heading to St. George today…we’ll have to see if the van gets done in time.  I could use some sunshine and a little escape…and the opportunity to NOT invest any more money in things that are not fun!

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