Tuesday, March 08, 2011

lots of miscellaneousness…

Yeah, I know…I’m making up words.  oh well. ;)  I have lots of random things I wanted to blog about, so I thought I’d put it all in one big monster post…here goes…

1.  Meagan competed in the District Science Fair last Friday.  In the entire district, only about 30 kids were able to advance from the school to the district level (I think they said there were around 500 projects entered in her school alone).  So moving on to the District level was huge!  We were so proud of her for getting that far.

Her project was all about finding a place for non-recyclable plastics.  She wanted to see if adding these plastics to concrete would affect the strength of the concrete.  She tested several different kinds of plastic by shredding them up, adding them to concrete, and having concrete cylinders tested for strength.  (I know…she’s a smarty pants.  And so lucky that her Dad was able to help her.) 

We attended the awards ceremony with her on Friday night – and we were so excited when her name was announced as a District winner!  Now she will be taking her project to BYU to compete on a regional level.

{And NO, I have no photos…because she threatened me about taking me camera.  She can be a stinker.  Luckily one of her best friends was also at the District competition and her mom DID take a camera, so I had Keara’s mom take some pictures of Meagan for me…I need to get them from her!)


2.  I am feeling like a mama bear…with an extra layer of winter chub that needs to come off now that it’s (maybe) spring.  Back in January, there was a great deal on the Groopdealz website for HCG weight loss drops from THIS website.  I’d heard and read SO many wonderful things about HCG, and this was a great deal…I thought it would be a perfect solution for me.  So I ordered it and it’s been sitting in the cupboard waiting for me to get ready to start taking it. 

Image 1

Last week I decided I was ready.  I started reading the literature the company sent me.  And I decided I’m a wimp.  It is necessary to follow a VERY strict diet while using the HCG drops.  I am just not dedicated enough to follow the diet.  Even if it means not losing the weight quickly…I’m just not ready to do it.  So…if any of YOU are tougher than I am and you’d like to try it…I’d love to sell you my package of HCG drops. 

The HCG drops retail for $90…I paid $30 (I told you it was a great deal!).  I’d love to sell the drops for what I paid ($30 and I’ll pay shipping).  The package is in the same condition it arrived in.  The tamper-resistant seal is completely in tact.  The literature was sent in an e-mail that I can forward to you.  Let me know if you’re interested.


3.  We took the kids to see RANGO last weekend. 


Have you seen it?  What did you think?

We all thought it was better than what we were expecting…but my brother and SIL didn’t like it at all.  Maybe we liked it because we went to the LATE show and we were tired???


4. Speaking of Groopdealz…there’s another fun deal up today…and I totally ordered it. 


Isn’t this great?  I know there posters have been popular for a while, and while I’ve been a fan since I first saw them, I’ve yet to purchase one…so…now I’m going to purchase one of the wearable variety. :o)


5.  I am SUPER excited about this:


No snow in the forecast for an entire WEEK!  Yay!!

6.  I’m still unpacking (ugh).  I did, however, hang some things on the wall yesterday…so it’s beginning to look a little more like “home.”  I’ve fallen in love with the photo hanging velcro strips from 3M. 

Have you tried them?  They are SUPER strong and you can hang pictures without making nail holes!  yay! 


7.  I ordered this yesterday…it’ll be here tomorrow. 

I can’t wait to make a smoothie.  And a chocolate shake.  And soup.  :o) 

I ordered it with credit I earned from using Swagbucks.  Have you signed up for Swagbucks yet?  If you haven’t…what are you waiting for?!?  Don’t you like free stuff?!?


8.  Are you a scrapbooker who would like to be published?  I have some fun news for you!  Cosmo Cricket and Scrapbook Trends Magazine have teamed up to offer a Cosmo Cricket fan an opportunity to be published in an upcoming issue of their magazine.  How fun is that?!? 


You can read all the details HERE on the Cosmo Cricket blog…but hurry, you have to enter your layout before March 13th (that’s this coming Sunday)!!

9.  I’d love some input from you…if you were take a class sponsored by a scrapbook manufacturer/company…what kind of class would you like to take?  Would you like to make a mini album?  If so…what type of theme?  Would you like to learn a new technique?  Would you prefer to get several *simple* layouts completed during a class?  How about a home decor project?  A sketch based class?  Maybe cards?  What kind of class would YOU like to take?  Would you even be interested in a class at all? 

{that’s all I can say about that for now…but I’d really really really be interested in your thoughts…in fact, as an extra incentive to leave a comment, I’d love to send a little something to a random commenter.  Let me know what you think.  I’ll choose a random comment on Saturday – and I’ll send out a fun little scrapbook surprise.}

10.  How’s that for a monster post of randomness?!?

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Congrats to Meagan! In terms of your class question: I'm big on having the perfect photo for a LO and making a meaningful LO so I'm not big on LO classes. A home decor or card class sounds like fun especially if combined with a technique I could use on future projects.

  2. Wow!!! That is a lot of info. I can't stick to a strict diet as well. I am waiting on an order to help me loose a lot of weight as well.
    As far as classes go, I love to scrapbook but have been having some issues with layouts so I guess I would like to take a class on how to get inspiration and put together a layout as well as getting good pictures for those scrapbook pages.

  3. congrats to your daughter. I love to take a mini album class. I am in awe of the ones that make the album themselves. I'll have to check out those drops. I need to lose weight and I'll be interested but need to find out about this strict diet. lol

  4. I love made up words... :D
    Congrats to your daughter. You can totally do the hcg. it's really not that hard- it's more food than you would think & you don't even have to think about it because you're so limited.... just sayin' (I did it last april & have maintained for the most part- a couple lbs up after eating EVERY.SINGLE.THING. in sight over the holidays.
    On the class- maybe a technique? I just need to DO it!!! :D (can you have a class that berates me until I produce a page?! kidding- sorta!)

  5. I like taking mini album and layout classes!!!

  6. Love blog posts like this...ha! Congrats to Meagan! That is quite the accomplishment! Good luck to her!

    As far as the classes....technique, technique..As a 14 year scrapper, long ago, it was all about Technique, now it is all about PRODUCT. And that is not a bad thing because I love my patterned paper..ha! But it seems to many people by product, product and then have a hard time relating tat to a page, design, cards, sketches...anything. So yes, a Technique class would be great. And then a way to have to techniques visual somewhere in/on your scrap space. Like a flash card type of thing...

  7. sorry for the spelling errors...ha!

  8. I completely agree with Janet - technique. It would be great if learning that technique paired with finishing either a home decor project or a small scrap-project (I'm not sure I love mini-books....what do you DO with them all??), but ultimately, learning a new technique is always so useful! (that whole teach a man to fish thing ;)....)

  9. I would have to go with a card class. Love cards, yet I have trouble coming up with ideas sometimes!

  10. I *love* your scrapping style, and I would love to see your scrapbooking process--start to finish! (How do you design your pages? Do you use sketches? Do you pick your pictures first or your papers? How do you pick your embellishments? Etc, etc.)