Wednesday, March 02, 2011

icy cold…

When we bought our new home we decided to put my “office” in the basement – one end of the large family room has my computer and all of my “work” stuff.  The other, more cozy end of the room, is home to the fireplace, the tv, couches, and all of the other “family” stuff. 

I love love love being able to work on my projects while my family is in the same room - playing the wii or watching tv or just relaxing on the couches…it’s great to be with them, rather than being in a different room, far away from everyone. 

But the best part of my new office? 

The HUGE built-on refrigerator:


It’s perfect for keeping my diet coke icy cold – just how I like it! 

(The only problem is that it’s seasonal.  Oh well.)


  1. that is tooo funny....ha! made me chuckle out loud..and thanks for enabling me with the Cosmo Cricket Upcycle line...or not. LOL