Thursday, October 28, 2010

his latest projects…

…if I had to describe Seth in three words, they would be







seth_close_light .

Yep, that just about sums him up.  Lately he’s been spending a lot of time drawing and writing.  Okay, not just lately…he’s always loved to draw and color…but recently he’s started adding words to his work. 

(Speaking of words, he loves to read and he’s already reading at a 3rd grade level…that makes this mommy so happy!) 

So…just for fun (and so I have a record of it), I wanted to add some of his recent “work” to my blog.

First up, a short Halloween story:


(don’t you just love how 1st graders sound out words and write them exactly like they sound…how they probably should be spelled anyway?!?)

Little Witch by Seth

“A witch flew over a pumpkin and it said BOO!  Then flew away.  Then said goodbye.”

(if you read his page before my ‘translation’ are you humming the Target “hello good buy” advertisement song?  yeah, me too.)

Next, an entire book!  He sat in my office one night while I was working on a big project and came up with this idea all on his own.


Spooky ABC’s – A Halloween ABC Bookspooky_abc_2



spooky_abc_5 spooky_abc_6 spooky_abc_7 spooky_abc_8 

He even stacked it up and stapled it himself.  I love that he stapled it with the pages out of order, and when he realized it, he just said, “Oh well, it’s like a game too…to read the pages in ABC order.”  :o)

And although he’s taken with writing, he still LOVES to draw and color – I love when he adds writing to his artwork – meet Fang and Frank…an aptly named mixed-media project. *wink* 



He practically begged to use those cute Matilda Chipboard pieces…how could I say no?

This next one is a little creepy in an “edward-scissorhands meets a pilgrim” kind of way …


Of course, it’s not ALL about Halloween:family_by_seth 

And what kind of mom would I be if I didn’t share this little gem?i_heart_mom 

And even though he’s super sweet

and super cute

and super creative…

he’s most definitely

still a boy…



  1. so, so sweet. and the last one made me laugh out loud!


  2. It's official. I think this is my most favorite blog post on the internet! And you have one very bright, very imaginative, very wonderful boy there! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that the words he wrote correctly are words like goblins, witch, vampire, donut, and of course, fart!!!
    Congratulations, Mom, you SHOULD be quite proud!!!

  3. Mine too....OMGoodness, how adorable is he and I LOVE his 'journaling'!!!

    A boy after my own heart! LOL