Wednesday, March 03, 2010

reunion layout...

Several years ago, Brad's family started having a summer reunion.  His family is very spread-out, so it's always fun when everyone (or as many as possible) is able to get together for an afternoon of eating, playing, and visiting.  I always take along my camera - it's fun to look back through the years to see how the kids have grown and changed, how families have grown and changed, and how, no matter what, I can look at the photos and be magically transported to a sweet summer day in the past. 

I was flipping through an older (2006) photo album last week, looking for a photo for a project, when I came across a few reunion photos. They wouldn't work for the project I was working on, but I knew I wanted to put them on a I ignored my assignment for a while and I created a layout just because I wanted to.  It felt great!


All of the other kids in the photos are Brad's nieces and nephew's children.  Brad is the youngest of six children, with the eldest being only a year younger than my parents, so most of his siblings have GRANDCHILDREN the same ages (or close) to our own children.  It's fun that even though we don't get many opportunities to be together, all of the kids get along really well.  Also, the reunions always involve water in one way or another - that bottom left photo shows all of the kids gathered around a big tub full of water balloons - I'd love to share what happened next, but it only took me 3.3 seconds to safely hide my camera when the first water balloon was launched my way - water fights are fun...but not worth ruining my camera!





Patterned Papers: (glitter stripes, pattern stripe)

Green Trim

Chipboard quote

Dimensional paper ladybugs

Puffy letter stickers

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  1. his siblings have grandchildren that are your kids ages? i really had to think that one through. lol! such a cute layout ... and love the stitching :)