Tuesday, March 02, 2010

almost spring...

Yesterday's weather was absolutely gorgeous.  The sun was shining, the skies were blue, and the temperatures reached into the 40's! (It's all about perspective, right??)  I opened all of the windows and let the fresh air roll in - it was amazing.  When I started thinking about what I wanted to prepare for dinner, I had the perfect plan...I wanted my favorite simple summer meal.  Zach and I hurried in to the grocery store while the other kids were at school so I could buy the ingredients I needed.  I did some prep work and then waited until I got the phone call from Brad saying he'd be home in an hour.  It was then that I excitedly opened my back door, walked outside, and started the grill!!!  Yep - we grilled out on the patio last night.  I was so excited I couldn't resist grabbing the camera to document it - mmmm...


And as long as I only looked at the back of my house and the food on the grill (which, by the way, was filling the air with the most delicious aroma), I could almost imagine it was summer...well, at least spring. 


But I couldn't turn around, because then I would see this:


and it would ruin the whole illusion because I would remember that it really isn't spring yet.  It's still winter.  It's supposed to snow again tonight.  I don't care though - because for most of the day yesterday, I tricked myself into thinking spring was here.  It's coming though...eventually...and I can't wait!

Apparently, neither can these two.  They had to drag a bunch of the sand toys out of the shed and play in the little bit of sand that was revealed where the snow has melted a bit.


(this is pretty much the only smile style I can get out of him lately...love the big gap where his two front teeth haven't grown in yet)


(And this little guy was definitely the most excited - he didn't even want to come in for dinner...he just wanted to play outside)

Speaking of Spring...it was my turn to share a layout on the Making Memories blog yesterday - and of course, it was all about Spring.  Check it out here for more details and to read about the challenge.  I hope you'll join me in all of my in my spring-y excitement!



Patterned Papers (green glitter, stripes, raindrop)

Notebook paper

Cardstock (brown, cream)

Felt flowers



butterfly and branch die-cuts

word die-cuts

border punch


  1. i need to know what you were cooking ... it looks delicious! i love that you got a taste of spring ... even surrounded by all that snow! such an amazing view though. but i guess you grow tired of it after seeing it for sooooo long. lol!

  2. I share your excitement for spring! In our family spring means birthdays! Lizzy's birthday is in two days, Wyatt's is in one month and mine is in two! Not too mention easter, warmer weather and super cute scrapbook layouts!