Friday, January 22, 2010

zoom, zoom...

Oh, yeah, I've been zooming alright.  The first day back on the treadmill was great.  The second day I thought I should push myself a  bit I did my morning workout and it went well.  In a moment of stupidity (and desperation to be left alone for a while), I opted for a second workout last night.  It felt great!  Until this morning.  When I woke up this morning, I popped up out of bed and almost immediately fell right down.  Seriously...I feel like someone removed my legs and reattached them while I was sleeping.  ouch!  Once I got up and got moving, they felt okay.  So I decided to go ahead and do a light workout this morning.  As long as I'm moving, I'm fine.  It's when I sit down for more than 3 seconds and then get up again that I want to cry!  Oh well...serves me right for NOT exercising for so long.

In keeping with the "zoom, zoom"'s a fun little layout I made with the new "Joy Ride" line by Cosmo Cricket.


This layout is for CHA, so it's now sitting in California in a trade show booth. 

They are adding little letter stickers to complete my title, so it will read "all natural fuel."  (water...get it??)


I really love the colors and designs in this new line.  (these pics are a bit off because I took them late at night with a flash - but check out this link to see the super cute product)

I have more to share...but right now I think I must zoom zoom to the other room so I can take a nice hot shower to see if I can loosen up these old muscles and joints! :o)


  1. you really go into things full-steam ahead, don't you? lol! if i woke up that sore, i'd just lay back down. so good for you, for keeping it going ... and i'll exercise vicariously through you ;)

    cute layout ... i can't wait to go check out your stuff in the CC booth :)

  2. Gorgeous! Love the colours and layout. What a perfect sentiment for the pictures!

  3. Super, super cute, Wendy! I admire your dedication on the treadmill. Need to get motivated and push myself. You can be my inspiration :)