Monday, January 25, 2010

the weekend...

My weekend started bright and early Saturday morning.  I had a ward leadership meeting at 7:00 am.  It lasted until after noon.  Yikes, I know!  It was a good meeting, but it was definitely too long.  While I was sitting in meetings, Brad was in Salt Lake, picking up parts for his truck - his favorite girl let him down on Friday when she broke...but thanks to my dad, his shop, and a guy that works for my dad, they were able to get her up and running again quickly.  It's a good thing since Brad really needs his girl for work today!  We spent Saturday afternoon doing a few things around the house, grocery shopping, taking Meagan to a friend's birthday party (tubing in Midway), and relaxing.  Then we went out to dinner with some friends (thanks again, mom, for keeping the boys so we could go!).  It was a much needed night out - the food was good, the atmosphere was awesome, the company was fun, the roads were horrible, the fact that we went OUT made it all perfect!  Sunday started early again, with an early-morning-meeting with the Stake YW presidency.  Then church started at 11.  We had ward conference, which doesn't change our meetings a whole lot, except that our Stake leaders were in attendance - and they taught the YW/YM combined lesson, so we didn't have to worry about teaching this week, which was extra nice with all of our meetings!  We have some fun things planned for the youth this year - I'm looking forward to lots of fun, testimony strengthening experiences! :)  In the afternoon, we visited my parents for a while and picked up Brad's truck.  Then we came home just in time to finish our evening with football, food, and good friends!

This weekend also marked the opening of CHA in Anaheim.  Although I'm not there (obviously), there's a part of me longing to be there.  I'd love, just once, to go and see my projects - the ones I pour my heart (and blood, sweat, and tears.....just kidding) into for weeks before the show - in real life, displayed in booths at the show.  Someday, when my kids are older, maybe, I'll be able to go.  Until then, I'll live vicariously through my friends who are in attendance, and all of the lucky attendees blog posts and photo shares.

I can, however, show you a couple of thing I made and then shipped off to be in Sunny (I hope) California right now:



For Making Memories - New Slice Card, called funkadelic!  Aren't these fun fonts?!?



happytrails_layout_detail3 happytrails_layout_detail4

For Making Memories - New Slice Card, called happy trails!


Speaking of the NEED to watch this video to see what's new with the Slice!  Hands free!  How fabulous is that?!?

Making Memories is sharing LOTS of sneak-peeks, videos, and they are doing LOTS of giveaways on their blog again today - so be sure to check it out!

**I just got off the phone with my buddy, Laura.  She's at the show and she was giving me play by play.  She knows I'm super jealous, so she called trying to fill me in and make me feel better about being here in the snow while she was checking out all the good stuff in CA!  Thanks Laura!**


  1. Sounds like your weekend was quite busy! I'm loving your creations and right there with you wishing I was at CHA right now!

  2. I am so sorry you weren't able to go, I am sure my husband is quite sick of me saying how I wish I were there right now! your projects are so fun btw! It sounds like you were very busy this weekend and enjoyed it just the same, so glad!

  3. Oh my jaw totally dropped when I saw the fonts used on Funkadelic...well, actually, just the one in the middle. That's the EXACT same font I used on everything I could in my classroom 10 years ago because it matched a set of dies at BYU's Ed. Lab (or whatever it's called). Crazy crazy!

  4. i wish you could have been at CHA ... we could have experienced it for the first time together ;) i loved walking through and seeing all these great projects ... and saying "my friend wendy made those". it was so cool. and your projects were gorgeous!