Wednesday, January 27, 2010

you do the math...

1 normal (curious, energetic, brave) 10 year old boy

+ 1 large (cold, heavy, pointy) icicle hanging off a roof   



Yep...lots of tears & plenty of blood. 

Luckily, we were able to treat him at home with a little tylenol, a bag of ice (ironically), and NO stitches.


He's got a nice headache this morning, so he's staying home from school...

but we feel very lucky it wasn't worse!


  1. Goodness. Bless his little heart. Hope he's feeling better soon!

  2. aww, poor guy!! hope he gets better soon :)

  3. oh no! thank the Lord it wasn't anymore serious. He will never look at another icicle the same way again...
    hugs to mom too- that can be scary!

  4. If that had been my kid, it totally would have resulted in stitches!!!

    So glad he's OK. Icicles freak me out for exactly that reason! Hope the healing goes well!

  5. Glad it wasn't worse (I recall a scene from Grey's Anatomy) ... I am wary of icicles. A huge one fell off my mom's roof and took out the windshield of my car (several years ago)

  6. this too has happened at our house, glad no stitches were required!

  7. oh no. poor guy. i'm glad it wasn't anything too bad. i remember a grey's anatomy episode with an icicle too :(

  8. Ouch!!! Ethan was asking to do the very same thing tonight! I am so glad he is ok!