Monday, July 27, 2009

funny boy...

This is Seth.


Seth likes to talk. 

A lot. 

We're talking stream-of-consciousness talk.

And he has a lot of questions.

A lot.

And when you tell him an answer, he remembers it.


He is very smart.

And he's funny.

He makes me laugh every single day.

Having a conversation with him for any amount of time is absolutely entertaining.

I love hearing the little thoughts that are bouncing around in his head.

For example:


"Mom, there was a dead fly in my window this morning.

Now it’s gone.

I wonder what happened to it.


That’s weird, how it’s gone now.


I know.

I think it got resurrected."


or this little conversation we had a couple of days ago:


him:  Mom, what are fleas?

me:  Little bugs.

him:  Where do they live?

me:  I don’t know. On dogs, sometimes.

him:  Do dogs like it?

me:  No, I don’t think so.

him:  Why?

me:  It makes them itch.

him:  Why?

me:  I think they must bite them.

him:  Oh, so that’s their weapon. A flea’s weapon is biting.

[and then he sits quietly for a moment...obviously contemplating what a great weapon this is...]


him:  It’s a good thing we don’t have a dog since you’re allergic. Because then the fleas could get into our house. And they could bite us. I don’t like things that bite. AND I don’t like dogs.

The hilarity of this statement is increased 100 times if you know Seth and know that he is absolutely terrified of dogs.  He probably thinks fleas are super cool because they actually BITE dogs.  And yet he doesn't really want fleas in our house (he's almost as afraid of bugs as he is of dogs), so it's a good thing I'm allergic to dogs, so we can't have a dog.  or fleas.  good thinking, Seth!

and then there's this little statement I overheard today

scurvy the little boys were playing "pirates."

"Come along, now, Mr. Scurvy."

obviously, he's heard the term "scurvy" used in the same story/show as a he knew they were somehow "related," but he misinterpreted scurvy to be a person...not a disease.  Poor Zach, aka Mr. Scurvy.  :)


  1. Oh, so funny. Wish I had more of these types of conversations written down from when my own children were small. Definitely times to treasure!

  2. Oh, that made my morning! Having a boy myself, I can totally relate. The conversations are so random and I love them like you do! BTW, I've enjoyed seeing your blog and how you combine stamping and scrapbooking. It's helped me do the same (and justify my spending money on stamps!)

  3. That is too funny! I love the little things that they say. :)

  4. Seth is so cute! McKay wants to play with him soon!

  5. little boys imaginations are the best. I love to eavesdrop on my little boy. Nothing funnier than their reasoning!