Tuesday, April 07, 2009

easter crafts

A little birdie (thanks, Brandy!) let me know that my easter set was featured in the latest installment of the Paper Crafts newsletter.  Somehow, I wasn't a subscriber to the newsletter, so I had no idea.  Here's how my set looked in the newsletter:


This is a set I made for the Paper Crafts Gourmet publication... they always do such an amazing job propping and photographing projects. 

This is what my submission photos looked like:





The fun green pot was broken when it arrived at the CK offices, so they replaced it with the pretty blue pot.  I don't know which I like more - they're both so fun and springy. :o)

I'm excited to tie these little tags onto the kid's easter baskets - and to sit out our little easter egg pot.  Creating things for publication always makes me feel so prepared for holidays...since the mags work so far ahead of the "real" calendar.  These items were created last year (after easter, before christmas, lol).

Oh, and if you don't already subscribe to the Paper Crafts newsletter click here to see the latest issue and click here to sign up (there's a "newsletter" tab right above the log-in box) - it's full of fun ideas, information, and even special offers! :o)


  1. these are so cute wendy! love the tags and how you added the photos! i like the green pot too ... too bad it didn't survive!

  2. I love how fresh and spring-like this all looks! You have the best crafting shares... :)

    I want to make cute tags for my kids easter baskets. We'll see if I actually manage to do it.