Tuesday, March 17, 2009

we're hoping...

...to catch a leprechaun today.


Leprechaun Trap: designed, engineered, constructed, and decorated by Josh.

 Happy St. Patrick's Day!

[On another note...California was awesome.  We were having so much fun, we ended up staying an extra day.  The kids endured the 11+ hour drive (each way) much better than I ever thought they would.  Disney was magical.  The beach was amazing.  Lots of good memories and fun times.  I'll share more, with photos, soon.  Right now, I need to get a week's worth of laundry washed and a messy van cleaned up...]


  1. So glad you had a fun vacation...Josh is such a cutie pie...Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you too...I hate having to do sooo much laundry after a vacation...when all I needed was another vacation for myself...lol
    I raised 3 children and we drove to all are destinations...but it was fun and memorable...now I’m suffering from empty nest syndrome (tears)…my 2 oldest are out and living life….My youngest is 17 and he’s joining the military (more tears)…I just needed to unload…I guess I was trying to say is enjoy every minute with children…They grow sooooo fast…Have a great day….

  2. welcome back! Can't wait to hear all about your vacation.

    Good luck catching that elusive leprechaun!

  3. I love the leprechaun trap! Ours was much more primitive, and of course he escaped. I will have to show my kids this one for next year.

  4. what a fun leprechaun trap! we never have gotten into the holiday much ... other than wearing green. lol! can't wait to hear more about your trip!