Wednesday, March 18, 2009

not a vacation post...

I still haven't uploaded our vacation photos, but wanted to do a quick post anyway.  I started sharing the layouts I created for The Joy of Scrapbooking (revised edition) a while back, but I didn't share all of them.  Here are two more that were published in the book.wendyCH6.06 wendyCH10.18

I did get the van cleaned up yesterday...always a good feeling, but especially after that long road trip!  Tonight we're taking the Young Women to the gym to climb the rock walls...should be fun!

ETA: a couple of people asked how we attached the buttons to Meagan's hair/head.  I sewed them on.  Just kidding.  We used tacky glue (Aleene's).  Yep, glued them right on.  She took a shower after school and the warm water & shampoo took the glue right out.  The buttons on the page are the actual buttons that were in her hair! :o)


  1. cute layouts wendy! i love all the mini brads and eyelets ... i havn't used an eyelet in ages! and meagan's hair looks so adorable!

  2. how did you get the buttons to stay in her hair, that is too neat. I will be calling my niece to see if i can do her hair for school like that

  3. I just LOVE the "favorites" layout. Just gorgeous! I may lift it!