Friday, February 13, 2009

valentine's day prep...

So today's the big day for the school kids...Valentine's Day parties, woohoo!  Actually yesterday was Seth's big day (since he has preschool on Tuesday and Thursday only).  He wanted to give his teacher a gift...which he informed me on Wednesday, should be something that was NOT candy, lol.  So when I got home from a meeting late Wednesday night, I saw these on my friend, Laura's, blog.  I fell in love immediately, and I thought the idea would be perfect for a little teacher gift...I went to work and finished a fun little set for Mrs. Duke. 


[please excuse the early morning, badly lit, photos]


When Josh saw this set on my table, he asked me to make a set for his teacher (a non-candy eater) as well.  So, Miss Checketts got a set too.


Josh picked out some m&m treats last weeks to give to his classmates with a valentine...but we ate some of them during the we decided to give these fun little juice bottles instead:


His bag was pretty heavy this morning...good thing he's strong.


Meagan is in middle school, so the Valentine's Day celebration is a little bit different.  Her homeroom teacher (who is a fabulous teacher) let the kids choose between bringing a valentine for each student, or drawing names and bringing ONE valentine on Friday (with a $5 limit).  The class chose to draw names.  Boys had to draw girls and girls had to draw boys.  Meagan bought several boxes of theater-size candy and made one of these fun little i-pods for the person she drew.  I didn't get a photo of her gift...not sure how that happened.


And of course, there were a few friends that she wanted to make i-pods for as well, so she left with a little bag full of cute candy i-pods this morning.

In kitchen news...we are in the home stretch! 


The countertop is being finished today...and the upper cabinets and the rest of the doors should be done later today too.  We put the fridge and stove in place last night.  That was a tight fit!!  Tomorrow, the electrician should be here to install the new lights.  Then I can get busy cleaning up a very dusty house and get my kitchen in order, woohoo!

Oh, one more thing...a little Valentine's Day goodie tin that I embellished with more Making Memories Love Notes product...perfect to fill full of homemade goodies for the big day tomorrow!



  1. The cards you made for the teachers are so cute! I love the bright colors and the simplicity. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm drooling over your new kitchen too!

  2. You are so creative! I love coming to your blog to see all the fun stuff you do! The Valentines are darling! I can't wait to see your kitchen too!

  3. love all the cards ... that is so sweet of you to make those for the teachers! and the juice bottles are so cute! alyssa kept saying she's too old for valentines day stuff anymore ... and that they just don't do that in 7th grade. but i could tell she was a little jealous when sarah dumped out all her candy she racked up at school today. lol! tell meagan her ipod candy treats are adorable!

  4. I'm new to your blog and love your style! Thanks for sharing with us. Love seeing the kitchen updates too...we remodeled our kitchen over the summer and our stove was back ordered for 3 months - not fun but in the end very worth it!

  5. I love the red walls! So pretty! The cabinets are gorgeous too!

  6. WOW...I'm loving all of the great Valentine's day goodies you made for the teachers/kids!

    The Ipod is such a fantastic idea!!!!! Very creative :D

  7. So many cute ideas. Your kitchen is looking good!