Wednesday, February 04, 2009

ice + me = not good...

So I had a little run-in with a patch of ice yesterday.  It's actually quite embarrassing...I was picking up Seth from preschool and STANDING on the ice, talking to his cute teacher...somehow my legs came right out from underneath me and I hit the ground (HARD) flat on my butt.  Now I bet you're thinking I hurt my tailbone, right?  Not at all.  I actually heard/felt a popping sound in my chest.  At first, I felt like the fall had knocked the air out of me...but then I realized I was breathing, but my chest hurt really really bad.  It took a while until I felt that I could take a deep breath and simply moving hurt so much.  After doing a little bit of internet research (I know...) I decided it probably wouldn't be worth a visit to urgent care.  This was confirmed when my mom called to tell me she was visiting with her TWO nurse friends and they agreed that it was likely a cartilage injury and all I can do is take ibuprofen.  Can I tell you how much Ibuprofen is my friend today?  I could tell a difference late last night and this morning it feels much long as I don't twist or pick up anything or put my arms straight out in front of me, lol.  I'm sure in another day or two I'll be right back to normal...and not even have a good excuse for being cranky. ;o)

The worst thing about getting hurt was the timing.  We were planning on taking out all of our base cabinets and appliances last night because the tile layers are coming this morning at 10:00.  I felt so bad about not being able to help Brad with anything...except taking out a few screws and moving a few light-weight items.  It was truly a blessing when our brother-in-law, Brian, knocked on the door to see if we needed any help.  The ironic thing was that Brad had taken out everything he could do on his own.  We only had the one long run of countertop (with the big heavy sink) and the heavy appliances.  Brad had just said "Now this is going to take some power."  He looked up and me with a grin and said, "Besides brain power..." (lol)  And then we heard a knock on the door.  What a blessing.  Thanks, Brian! :o)

So today the tile guys should be here so they can rip up the old tile and get started on the new tile.  It's exciting to know I'll have a new kitchen soon.  In the meantime, the family room is full of appliances, the entry is full of kitchen chairs and a table, and my bedroom is full of kitchen cupboard contents!  I guess the best thing is that we don't have to go far to grab a midnight snack!


  1. Oh...I'm sooo sorry! I know how you feel. I did the same thing once and it was rough. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. you poor thing! at least it wasn't anything more serious. and i love that you researched it on the internet to see if it was worth a doctors visit ... i do the same thing. lol! i've also diagnosed myself with 37 other problems ... but that's another story. lol!

    good luck with the kitchen stuff today! can't wait to see some pics!

  3. ouch! So sorry to hear about your injury...

    How exciting to be getting a new kitchen! I can't wait to see pictures. We just built our house 5 years ago, and I'm already wishing for a new kitchen myself. Lucky you!

  4. i am sorry to hear that you fell. ice is not my friend either and we have tons of it here right now. i hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. OH Wendy...owwww! I'm sorry that happened. So fun though to get a new kitchen, I'll have to come see it all finished. You know you guys can always call & if Aaron is home he'd run down and help with anything!!! So would I, just not with that :)

  6. Ouch Wendy!!! Now I have heard of some good excuses for getting out of work, but that takes it :) sooo just kidding! I hope you are feeling better! So hard to be a mom when you don't feel good!