Tuesday, December 30, 2008

the other bags...

...no, I'm not talking about the bags under my eyes this morning.  Although, I have to say they were earned...I stayed up until 4:00 this morning trying to be creative.  Have you ever tried to be creative when you just weren't feeling creative?  Yeah, not so easy.  But deadlines are looming, so I tried to force myself.  I did get two layouts done.  Two measly layouts in about 9 hours - I came into my office to start working right after dinner.  Hopefully today will be more creatively productive.  Brad is home for the day...I have to take Meagan to piano lessons, but other than that, I have the entire day to work.  My list of projects is super long, so I'm hoping to knock out a lot of it today - wish me luck!!

And just because I want to share some proof that once, not too long ago, I actually did feel creative...here are the other two bags I worked on for daily window.

A diaper bag made with this bag:

 diaper_bag2  diaper_bag_insert1

And a purse, which worked perfectly for a "church bag" on Sunday, with this bag:

purse1 purse_insert1

Now if I could just find that groove again...


  1. 4:00 am - your crazy girlfriend. Wish i could do that - if i'm not feeling it - i just CAN'T do it. Good luck with those deadlines - and those bags are darling!

  2. you stayed up that late? you're crazy! although i know you do some great work super late at night! lol! sorry the creativeness wasn't flowing as easily ... i'm kind of feeling that way too right now. hope we get our mojo back so we can finish our assignments. lol!

    love the bags! that diaper bag is so cute! almost makes we wish i was still using one. lol!