Monday, December 08, 2008

a little gift idea...


I created this project for Making Memories - my assignment was to create a gift for $10 or less.  You can read about it here, on the Making Memories blog

There's a cute little shop in Midway that sells gumballs in jars (among other things, of course).  I love the way they look on the bright and colorful and fun.  I was also inspired by my friend, Hilary, who has created tons of cute gumball gifts.

gumball_jars_revised_large1 gumball_jars_revised_small1

MM listed this project as a gift for teachers...but I think it would be a fun neighbor gift - or a fun gift for the kids to give to their little friends as well (of course, I'd change the papers and embellishments to something a little more bright and playful if it was for a little kid).

I ordered the cutest boxes to hold my neighbor gifts this I need to decide what to make for the inside of the boxes.  Any suggestions?  What are YOU doing for neighbor gifts this year?


  1. These are adorable- where did you order the gumballs from?

    My neighbors gifts always include chocolate, usually homemade fudge :)

    Just popped in from another blog, nice to "meet" you!

  2. Love these, I love the jars at season's of home too, so cute! Ok, I'm curious too where you got the gumballs.

  3. gumballs are just so festive! I love the look of these.

    What about peppermint bark, or cream cheese/chocolate truffles, ala Kraft magazine?

    I make chocolate banana bread for my neighbors, but I usually make a few other goodies too, just for fun.

  4. these are seriously so adorable wendy! i just love how you did these!

    neighbor gifts? i'm not sure i've even given any ... i don't have many good neighbors. lol! i think candy or cookies are always good though!

  5. so cute! Making Memories is so lucky to have you making their stuff look SOOOO good!