Tuesday, December 09, 2008

holiday music...

I know...I talk about it way too much...but I really do just love holiday music. Pandora is my friend - I love all of the options for different holiday songs I can find there...and of course, I have a nice collection of cd's too. Today, in honor of my passion for all songs holiday, I thought I would share this layout - it is in the December issue of Creating Keepsakes Magazine...and features my favorite little barefoot Christmas elf plunking out some rockin' holiday tunes on the piano (sort of):reindeer_layoutreindeer_journaling reindeer_detail

On Sunday afternoon, I started putting together my album for my "december daily" photos - a cute little book given to me by my friend Laura. I didn't get a lot finished because my kids thought I should give them a little bit of attention, so I happily obliged...I'll share when I have it ready! :o)


To answer a few questions from yesterday:

  • I bought the gumballs already packaged at a little store/boutique in Midway...but I am looking for a place to buy them in bulk because I think gumballs are going to be a prominent item in my gift-giving/project-making this next year. :o)
  • Thank you for all of the neighbor treat suggestions - I have some fun ideas to choose from - I'll let you know what I decide to make...and I'll share pictures, of course!
  • LYNNETTE C. - I bought my little door decoration at another fun little store in Midway...I would be happy to pick one up and send it to you if you'd like (I'll be in Midway tonight for Meagan's piano lessons) - please e-mail me! :o)


  1. Christmas music has been playing joyously in our home, too. It's like comfort food :), even the Chipmunk song. My kids get a great kick out of that one!

  2. such a dang cute layout. I love it -and i love christmas music too! It drives dh crazy - but its on all the time. Thanks for the blogger help - i'm challenged when it comes to these things! And not alot of snow here - but DANG cold.

  3. just thinking about Christmas music makes me happy. :0

    The layout is precious!

  4. super cute layout wendy! i love how you have the reindeer flying around the circle paper. not sure how i missed this in CK. lol!

    i need some christmas music going. i was decorating the tree tonight ... and all i heard was some action movie that joe was watching next to me. the two just didn't mix. lol!

  5. Wendy Sue- so cute... I love everything you do.

    I get my big box of gumballs at Sam's Club. Do you have one nearby?