Monday, December 22, 2008

holiday intentions...

Over the weekend, we accomplished lots of holiday-related items.  Shopping, baking, list-making - lots and lots of it - and I made a nice list of things I was going to get done today while the kids were home from school (first day of Christmas Vacation!!)...

Well, Mother Nature had different plans for me.  We've received over a foot of snow (so's still snowing), and I haven't left the comfort of my warm and cozy home...not even to take the kiddos to their check-up at the dentist (yes, they were terribly sad about that...).

One of the items on my list of holiday intentions for today was to mail out our Christmas cards.  I know - I'm already running behind...and now they're going to REALLY be late, and even that knowledge wasn't enough to get me to brave the snow and yucky roads.  They'll have to be mailed tomorrow.  So I thought I'd go ahead and share our little card here - a sneak-peek of what may be coming to your mailbox (late), and happy holiday wishes to everyone who sees it!

2008 card

I do have some more holiday related things to share here on my blog, but they'll likely be late as well...


ETA: I've had a few questions about my card...and I apologize for not adding this information when I shared the card...but here it is now...

I am not very handy with all things digital, but I created my card in PhotoShop using some fabulous freebies I've been collecting:

The digital patterned papers are from Brittney who designs at

and the sweet tree template is from DigiChick (I think I found it last year, but I'm not sure).

I found the BEST blog for sharing freebie digital kits and elements...if you're interested, please check out the Ikea Goddess blog where she lists great digi freebies almost daily!

I probably can't help with any technical questions, as I just "wing it" when I'm working in PhotoShop...but those are the products I used. :o)


  1. Such a cute picture, of course with darling kids! Did you take it?

    Hope you have a Merry Christmas! It looks like we will be snowed in!

  2. gorgeous photo wendy! and love the card! hope the snow lets up for you soon ... and you can get out to finish the things on your list!

  3. you have a beautiful family - love the card - and wow - holy snow. I was dying today and i'm sure you got a ton more than we did.

  4. Exceptional Photo(card) Wendy..You have extremely Beautiful Children..
    I have a Zack also he's 22 and in College..
    I would love at least 6in of that snow..I moved from Chicago to Arkansas in 92 and I must say I do miss snow..

    I Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year..{{{BIG HUGS}}}

  5. Your card is wonderful but of course it helps to have such adorable children!!!

  6. Darling! The picture is honestly just magical. :) Enjoy the snow, though I'm sorry to hear you are so buried!

  7. I miss Heber, haven't been in grandparents own a cabin there and I have been going there my whole life. In fact my brother is buried in the cemetery there. Probably covered in snow right now. What a wonderful place to live!! Love it there. Your work is beautiful and I'm glad I found your blog.

  8. Hi there. Very sweet this card. The photo are very pretty!