Monday, December 29, 2008

daily window...


Okay, I know...I need to do a Christmas post...and I will...but I wanted to share this little project I worked on last week before Christmas.  I was contacted by Daily Window and asked to embellish a few of their bags.  I thought the product was fun and unique, so I agreed.  What I didn't know was how great the quality of the bags would be - seriously, these things are sturdy - and the inside of every one is lime who could resist?!?  I actually created three bags, but I'll just share one of them today.


I thought it would be fun to embellish this bag with some holiday stuff I had out (I started working on my journal for my december daily photos so I pulled out everything I had - lots of old Christmas stuff that I loved) - I love love love these older MME products, so I decided to use the cute poem that fit perfectly in the pocket.  I added a bit of ribbon, and of course a little jingle bell (because I believe)...and ta da - the perfect little holiday bag to carry around little Christmas activity books for the kids -or my holiday planner...or those cards that needed to be written and know, all things holiday!  christmas_bag

Now that Christmas is over, I think I'll take out the insert and add something "winterish" like snowflakes or something...and use it to hold things like blank thank you cards, note cards, a planner, my little scriptures, and other things that will be nice to have on-hand when I have a few minutes of down time, or waiting time, or whatever. 

There are lots of other fun ideas on the daily window blog - check them out! :o) 


  1. i really love this design wendy! it is so cute ... and looks perfect in this bag! and i have that same MME die cut ... i always thought it was cute! can't wait to see your other bags!

  2. All the bags you did are so cute! I'm glad you guys had such a great Christmas!