Sunday, November 30, 2008


We celebrated Thanksgiving this year at my parent's house.  Mom did all of the cooking...we keep asking her to let us do something, but she insists.  (maybe that says something about my cooking skills....hmmmm....) 

Meagan and I usually make placecards, but this year we decided to do something different, so we made these to put at each plate:


While Mom slaved away in the kitchen all morning, I took a few pictures.  Well, I tried.  She wouldn't cooperate.  at all.  I told her she'd like the pictures better if she'd hold still for me. she didn't listen...


Dad always carves the turkey.  I even caught him sneaking a piece while he was carving...but I won't show the evidence here.  you're welcome, Dad. :o)


The table looked so pretty and festive.  I love their new kitchen - now it's big enough for all of us to sit at one big long table - perfect!112708_thanksgiving_table_b

We had a great day -- the food was terrific - thanks, Mom!

We played games well into the evening. 

Funny, gut-busting very fun! 

One of our best Thanksgiving Days, I think.


OOOhhh, and not only that...but these two amazing people celebrated their 38th anniversary on Thanksgiving Day!


Happy Anniversary Dad and Mom!  Love you!!


  1. sounds like a great thanksgiving! and happy anniversary to your parents!

    but i have to know ... what is this "turkey poop"?!?! lol! never heard of it!

  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me! your parents are super cute. Congrats to them!

  3. Will you please post the turkey poem? I'm always on the look out for fun things!