Monday, August 11, 2008

our fun news...

well, actually it's her fun news...but we're happy for her too.

She's least most of the time.
You just can't imagine a happier 11 year old than Meagan was when she got contacts last week.
happy, happy, happy!
And now it's so much easier to see her beautiful brown eyes too! :o)


  1. i've been checking in all weekend waiting to see what your news was! lol! i can only imagine how excited she is not to have the glasses anymore! i thought they looked so cute on her ... but i'm sure they were a pain too. nice to see those gorgeous eyes!

  2. She was so cute in glasses, but yep - it's always fun to be old enough for contacts. Beautiful eyes, indeed!

  3. I remember I was so excited to get rid of my glasses (well sort of, still need them at night) and get contacts too. Meagan has beautiful eyes and is a darling young woman!

  4. I am a little late to comment, but ony got wind of your blog today. BUT I think I know just about how happy she was. My daughter got hers for her 15th birthday and was extatic!!! And what a thrill to see her big - bueberry blue - eyes. Now to years later however she is planning to get a pair of glasses again, for when lenses are too much of a bother. Which is cool, because she is a knockout - with or without glasses... As I have good reason to suspect also will be the case with your daughter. Pretty girls are pretty no matter...
    tea, norway

  5. Pretty girl! 3 of our 4 girls wear glasses & only the oldest has contacts... like mommy!!

  6. pretty girl! I know my daughter is counting down the days until she can get contacts!