Monday, July 21, 2008

busy week ahead...

So today started what is sure to be a very busy week for our family. The kids had a Primary activity - Missionary Olympics - where they played lots of fun games, wrote down their testimonies, made missionary savings banks, and had sno-cones for dessert. They are excited for Fair Days in a few weeks so they can go and see their creations on display.
We also helped grandma choose the color for her new countertops...they've been remodeling their kitchen and now it is so big and bright and light - I love it!
After a stop at home for some lunch, we headed to Park City. We had to pick up a few things at walmart, and then we headed to the outlet mall because the big kids had saved their money so they could buy new Webkins. I also bought more gifts for bunco, which I am hosting next month. Oh, and we bought new church shoes for all of the kids and almost all of Josh's school clothes. whew!
While we were gone, the installers came to put up the vinyl fence along the side of our driveway...which is quite the hilarious story, but only if you know our neighbor...and since most of you don't, I'll spare you. Anyway, the fence looks GREAT! and our home looks so much nicer from the street. Now maybe someone will buy it....we hope...

Okay, that was a lot of about a few project shares?

These two layouts were from the retreat I went to last week. Each of the girls taught two classes and these two layouts are both from Lindsey's classes. Of course, her layouts were 12x12, so I had to tweak mine because I wanted to create 8 1/2" x 11" pages. It was fun following someone else's direction and not starting from scratch!
It's getting late, the sun is I'm headed out for my nightly walk...I'll be back again soon with some more projects to share!
ETA: One more quick thing. I think I'm caught up again on e-mailing everyone who requested information about the free Target gift cards. If you haven't heard from me, please e-mail me again...and if you're interested in hearing more, please e-mail me and I'll send you a referral and some more information! (My e-mail address is on my sidebar).


  1. busy, busy! i have to know ... what webkinz did they get?!?! lol! i don't even know how many my girls are up too right now!

    love the layouts! really love the one of meagan!

  2. loooove the layouts! And, I'm still going to get around to figuring out the Target gift card thing.... really. :)