Wednesday, July 23, 2008

just gabbing...

Yesterday Josh went to day camp with his cub scout troop. They had to meet at their leader's home at 6:30 am. Josh is NOT a morning person...but he didn't seem to have any trouble waking up early yesterday, none at all. He was so excited for his first "camp!" He arrived home around 2:00 pm. He was hot and dirty and exhausted. Seriously, I haven't seen the kids THIS tired in a long, long long time (unless you count every morning when he doesn't want to wake up because he's "just so tired, mom."). He played for a while and ate some food and then he crashed. He fell asleep on the couch and didn't wake up until about 9:00 pm...when he took a shower, changed into his pjs and settled down for a good night's sleep. I wish I would have taken his picture when he was sacked out on the couch, but I didn't think about it until it was too late...and he probably would have gotten mad at me anyway.

Brad didn't have to be to work too early this morning, so he was able to walk with me before he left. I love when he goes with's like a mini-date...just him and me and nothing to do except walk and talk - I love it! He's gone now, and I have a list of things to do before he gets home tonight - but it is just such a nice way to start out the day. :o)

Okay, since CHA is over, I thought I'd share a couple more projects I did using some new MM product.
These projects used the new Paperie line...four sets of monochromatic fun! I used the blues for these projects, but I have also had a chance to work with the other color sets. I think green is my favorite...but I also loved mixing and matching them on some other projects.
I guess I had better get busy with that list so I can have fun and enjoy our extended weekend...which will also serve as this year's family vacation time since Brad has the rest of the week off - we're just planning a bunch of "little" things this year, no big vacation. Tomorrow is Pioneer Day and we're hoping to visit the Zoo. Friday we're spending the day at the lake - instead of taking the boat, we're taking the waverunners. Saturday there's a ward party and then Saturday evening is the demolition derby here in town. I'm sure by Sunday we will all feel like we went on a "real" vacation - and most likely, there will be plenty of laundry and exhaustion to prove it, lol!


  1. that was a long day for the little dude ... no wonder he was so tired. lol! love the projects! from what i've seen, i think green is my favorite too ... but that's the one i didn't get to work with. lol! enjoy your day and get lots done! and then have a great rest of the week with the family!

  2. Pretty, pretty pretty! I just saw the new MM realease and it's all fantastic!