Friday, June 20, 2008

sleep is optional...

...or maybe I should say sleep is NOT an option. At least it hasn't been an option for me twice this week. Yep, two all-nighters in one week. I really am getting too old for those! lol Really, I'm not complaining - just explaining why I'm a little out of it today. I'm actually extremely grateful for the opportunities I have which allow me to work all through the night - it's such a blessing to be able to work from home so I don't have to juggle my kiddos or figure out how to "go without" so I can be here. I work some during the day (since that's when everyone else works - and therefore calls, emails, etc.), but the majority of my work is done after everyone else is sleeping - I'm able to contribute a little bit financially, but I'm also able to do everything any other SAHM does. The best of both worlds. So what if I lose a little bit of sleep, it's worth it!

I almost forgot I was going to share some of the other May KOTM projects I was able to work with last week. Here are a couple of cards using the goodies in the kit, and some ribbon from my stash.
They are both super simple - but I think they would be perfect for a younger person's birthday.
Oh - I just thought of another advantage to staying up all night. I've been able to listen to two books on cd (The Emerald and The Topaz by Jennie Hansen). And I've watched (well, mostly listened to) the first two episodes of season 2 of Army Wives. I didn't see the first season at all, but then I started hearing about it and how good it was. There's a great recap of Season one that brought me right up to speed. I am really liking the reminds me how lucky I am - and how incredibly grateful I am that there are men and women who are willing to serve and families who are willing to sacrifice so much to allow their spouses/parents/children to serve our country.
Speaking of serving...I was so excited to have another opportunity to donate blood today. (I mean what's better - a half hour or more to myself to just sit/lie down, sweet treats, and all of it in the name of helping someone). Unfortunately, they didn't like my blood today. My iron was too low. Hopefully the next time they come around, they'll like my blood better!
I just remembered one final GOOD THING about staying up all night. My pillow is going to feel SO good under my head and I'm going to sleep soooo soundly tonight -- I can't wait!
Sweet dreams...:o)


  1. so glad you got everything done wendy ... even if it meant staying up all night. lol! i wish i could do that sometimes. i really try and squeeze way too much into the hours when everyone is around me. lol!

    you should really go get season one of army wives! the recap is good too ... but you have to watch the first season (i even had it in my hand at target tonight because i wanted to watch it again)! excellent show ... i've watched it from the beginning and love it!

  2. Wow i love it!!!! So simple, so cute!

  3. I'm impressed. I cannot pull all-nighters anymore. Not even half-nighters, lol!

  4. Whew... glad you can do all nighters. I just can't anymore lol. Love your new header and it was so fun to catch up here. Happy Bday to your daughter... almost young women time! Time flies!