Thursday, May 22, 2008

an evening on the lake...

Last Saturday we decided to take the boat out on the lake for the first time this year. Okay, I should say Brad decided to take the boat out - I was a party pooper and made a stink about NOT wanting to go. Brad actually took the boat back and I made him go back and get it...I don't know how he puts up with me sometimes...but that's a whole different story. Anyway...

We took two vehicles, Brad pulled the boat and took the little guys and my brother and I followed behind in the van with the big kids - we stopped to pick up some treats and bottled water too. When we got to the ramp, Brad had just been interviewed by a reporter from the Tribune...kind of funny...we loaded up the treats, hopped into the boat and waited for our turn to unload. I loved that Tony was with us so he could help Brad with the truck/trailer/boat...I can do it, but I don't like it was nice to just sit in the boat and wait to get out on the water.

The kids were SO excited! They love riding F-A-S-T and hitting the wakes from other boats...they love it when they fly off their seats...I do not.

I was content to sit right back in my little corner...where I bounced around the least...this was my view...

Zach thought he should drive...

I took this little picture of the mountains right across the street from Jordanelle ...still covered in snow. It's spring in Utah! :o)

After riding around for a while, Brad decided to pull over to the shore and let the kids hike around. Is it just me, or are these shores kind of creepy? All of the dead wood just kind of creeps me out. But the kids had fun finding sticks (and dinosaur bones - just ask Seth), playing in the sand and the water (even though it was barely above freezing, brrr...), and hiking around.

This is my favorite thing to see...ever...anywhere...

Seth picked up this stick and brought it over to show me...I thought it looked so neat...the way all of the layers were dried and curling...

We hopped back in the boat, rode around for a while, and pulled over to another shore. This one was much less creepy -- no old wood, just lots and lots of rocks. The kids skipped rocks - and threw rocks, and just had a great time.

Then, we noticed a couple of Crocs floating out in the water...just about 100 yards away from the back of the boat. Can you see them? Yep, Seth or Zach (nobody was fessing up) decided to put Brads shoes (crocs) in the water to see if they would float. They did. And they pretty much floated away. So we loaded up again and went fishing for shoes. :)

It was getting pretty cool by the time we headed out again. We noticed a stranded boat not too far away, so we towed them back to shore and then we headed back to the ramp to load up. It really was fun - I'm glad Brad makes me do fun things sometimes - I pretty much always end up enjoying's just the "getting there" that makes me into a party pooper.

And today, we saw this in the Tribune:

{I told him he should get paid for advertising his company (his hat and shirt both have their logo) lol.}


  1. looks like such a fun day out! i'm the same ... really protest going and doing things ... but once i'm there, it's usually fun and i'm glad i went. lol! sometimes i wish we had something like that ... a boat that we could just take out for the day and hang out.

    btw ... i was flipping through a few super old CK idea books this morning. i think it was one of the becky higgins sketch books. and i came across one of your layouts ... of a day out on the boat!!! i though that was kind of neat!

  2. Wendy,
    I just thought for sure you were going to report that your kids finally found my glasses that I lost in that lake when I was attempting to hand them to you!! Do you remember?? Even your uncle Raymond "dove" around looking for them...oh well, life goes on. At least you and your family had a great time!!
    Loves :0)

  3. Looks like lots of fun. I am always glad when i take the time to catch up on your blog - I just seem to have a hard time getting here very often.

  4. Wendy Sue I can so relate to your story....I am just the same when it comes to going out in our boat. Thankfully most of the time DH is happy to go fishing with a mate or our DS but from time to time I have to make myself join in...and usually enjoy it when I do:0)Yes the shore did look a bit creepy to me too. Cya. Linda

  5. Wendy,
    I'm right there with ya on the fun part - I NEED to have more fun, but the other stuff always SEEMS more pressing - it's tough to find the balance, isn't it? I think we appreciate the little moments when we do get them, though - even if they are forced sometimes.

  6. This looks like so much fun and now your husband is famous! Have a great long weekend. ~Brandy

  7. what a fun family outing!! I had to laugh at how he took the boat back and you told him to go back and get it! That's so something I would do! ;o)

  8. What a fun time! I'm glad the weather finally worked out! It was such a nice day that day..maybe we can hope for that again soon! What a darling family!

    Can't wait to hang out this weekend!

  9. Oh, Jason would be so jealous. He really, really wants a boat. Your pictures are so good. You must have a great camera. (and a great eye) What fun family memories you are making. :)

  10. Wendy, I just have to tell you how happy this post made me. I was talking to my kids just today about how much I wish we could have a boat, and how much fun we had as kids when we went boating. (Way before Jordanelle, of course, but I've spent lots of hours skiing on Utah Lake and Deer Creek.) Your post & photos reinforced those happy memories, so, thanks for posting!