Friday, May 16, 2008

busy kids...

I'm so glad it's finally Friday! The kids have had a busy couple of weeks...which is always the case when the school year begins to wind down. Besides our regular schedule which now includes piano lessons, softball practices, softball games, scouts, and achievement days - we've also had 2 field trips, school plays, a family picnic (at school), orchestra concerts, state fairs (5th grade state report displays), and probably more that I just can't think of right now.

I gave Meagan and Josh both disposable cameras to take on their field trips - when I get them developed, I'll have the photos put on a cd so I can have a copy too. I didn't take my camera to all of the activities I's just too crazy when I have to take both of the little guys and try to juggle a camera as well. However, I did take my camera to two of this week's activities.
The first was Meagan's State Fair. 5th grade is the year to study US History and at the end of the year, each student writes a report about a state. Meagan chose Maine (which just happens to be the same state I wrote my 5th grade report on...a few years ago...). Most of the report, which included a power point presentation, was prepared at school. In addition, each student had to create a tri-fold to be displayed and presented in front of their fellow classmates, other students, as well as parents. Meagan did an incredible job on her tri-fold. She made it interactive. She really wanted the other students (and teachers and parents) to stop and really look at her display. She had flaps with all of the state symbols (animal, insect, motto, etc.). In addition, she looked up and printed off hundreds of "fun facts" about Maine and created a pocket to hold them - she encouraged people to "take a fun fact" as they walked by. She even had a real live (well, technically it was dead, but it was once alive) bumble bee, a bag full of toothpicks, and a personalized license plate (which translates to "Meag Rocks." And rock she did. I had teachers and parents come up to me and compliment me...and I had to tell them that I had nothing to do with it. Meagan did it all by herself (ok, I did help her cut her title with our Cricut, but that's about it). She did an incredible job and I am so proud of her!

And today we had a family picnic with the 2nd graders. Josh was so excited for us to come and bring a picnic to eat with him outside. Of course, he asked if I would go to Sonic and get lunch for us - he requested a grilled cheese sandwich and water. So the boys and I loaded up, went to Sonic, and then went to pick up Josh in his classroom for lunch. Meagan just happened to be on hall monitor duty today (a student council responsibility) she ducked out and joined us for lunch. The weather was gorgeous - about 70 degrees and the wind wasn't blowing - it was a perfect day for a picnic.

After lunch, we went back to the school where we watched the 2nd graders perform for us. The play was called The Wackadoo Zoo and it was mostly singing...which Josh wasn't happy about...but he did a great job anyway! Unfortunately, by the time the program started, Seth and Zach were not happy about having to sit still for one more it was a bit trying for me. I didn't get any good photos, but I did video tape most of the play - hopefully it's not too shaky, and hopefully we'll be able to hear the songs over my shushing and threats, lol. This is the only half-decent photo I got of Josh in his "costume."

And this is one I took right after school - the 2nd graders were allowed to leave school early today!

Only one more week of school...I honestly think I'm more excited for summer than the kids! :o)

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  1. What is it about this time of year? I feel like we are just running over here too. Megan's report looks so good - she is her Mother's daughter. :)