Tuesday, May 06, 2008

it's all about seth today...

This morning I was cleaning off the kitchen counter and putting away dishes when Seth brought a paper over to me. He had been sitting at the table with a stack of paper and the box of markers - something he spends a lot of time doing...he loves it! Anyway, he carried a sheet of paper over to me and showed it to me with a big huge grin on his face.

Do you see it? It says SETH - well, basically. All the letters are there. This is the first time he's written his name all by himself!

I think he liked my reaction, because he immediately sat down and started writing again. Here's the second result.

A little closer! At least they're all in a line instead of sporadically written on the paper.

Speaking of Seth, he's been a little obsessed with letters lately. (which is definitely a good thing) He'll ask us what letter a certain word starts with - remembers like nobody's business and repeats it back to us later (I know he's memorizing because he doesn't get the whole sound/letter relationship quite yet.)

We had a fun little conversation a few days ago while I was folding a basket of laundry.

It went something like this:

seth: what starts "blanket"?

me: b

seth: what starts "sock"?

me: s

seth: what starts "shirt"?

me: s

seth: s? sock and shirt both start with s? I start with "s" too. What starts "underwear"?
me: u
seth: YOU start underwear??? [followed by giggles]
me: no, the letter "u"
seth: the letter "me"?!?
And while we're on the topic of Seth, I'll share some of his artwork too! He always tells me what his drawings are...sometimes I can tell, sometimes I can't. His titles are below each picture.


{fire boulder}


{tiger dinosaur}

look closely - you can totally see the dinosaur, right?
[sorry about the weird spacing on this post...I can't blogger to cooperate]


  1. these are great wendy! the way he wrote his name is just adorable ... the backwards letters are the cutest thing! and love his drawings ... he must have gotten his creative talent from his mom!!!

  2. awww, cute post! Your little Seth sounds like a sweetheart. And, so smart!

  3. Wendy Sue, I've been one of your blog stalkers for months. :) This post is so sweet! I love the drawings and the little story. Thanks so much for letting me peek into your cute life. ~Brandy

  4. Just stopping by from Emma's Paperie blog, congrats on the guest designer!!!
    This post made me laugh, so cute, love all his drawings, how cute.