Sunday, February 03, 2008

another saturday bites the dust...

How is it that weeks are coming and going sooooo fast lately? I always look forward to Saturdays and it seems we always cram them full of lots of good stuff! Today, however, I woke up with a yucky headache. Now, make no mistake, I don't appreciate headaches on any day of the week...but especially not on a Saturday! I tried my best not to let it hold me back though - I got up early and cleaned out my office - somehow it had turned itself into a major cluttered-up disaster area over the last week - boxes and product and projects were everywhere. It feels soooo much better now. I also finished up a project I had started late last night.
After watching the broadcast of President Hinckley's funeral, we loaded up the van and grabbed a quick lunch at Arby's for the kids. Then we went to Provo - had to stop by Costco, BestBuy, and WalMart. I had planned to go to Target and Michael's as well...but with my headache, I just wasn't in the mood...I'll have to run those errands next week.
After we got home, my headache subsided a bit, so I did get the laundry caught up (last load is drying right now), cleaned up all of the snow clothes the kids left out this morning, washed the dishes, vacuumed, and filed a bunch of paperwork that was piling up. I was also able to run a birthday gift over to my neighbor and visit with her for a little while.
And I'm sure this isn't interesting to anyone else, I'm rambling...
I think it's okay to share these projects now. They are in the December/January issue of Paper Trends magazine.
For the draftstopper, I sewed a tube with felt and then stuffed it. The snowflakes were each hand-cut. I stamped a Making Memories snowflake stamp onto the felt and used my trusty little Fiskars scissors to cut each snowflake out - then I just added a fun epoxy brad to the center of each snowflake and glued it to the tube.
The snow-melt bucket is just painted red and stamped with snowflakes.
I added strips of ribbon above and below the painted portions. Easy!

I think we're supposed to get another big snowstorm tonight (shocker, eh?).
Here's to a nice relaxing, headache free Sunday! :o)


  1. so sorry your day was slowed up with a headache. that always stinks when you don't feel good on the weekend ... the weekend is supposed to be "your" time! sounds like you still had a productive day though! much more so than what i got done. lol!

    loved your projects in paper trends ... i was just going through my copy on friday night. i could use a door stop/draft stop thing (i already forgot what it's called. lol!) ... you can stand by our doors and feel all the cold air coming right in.

  2. Your projects in Paper Trends are so stinkin' cute! I love your snow bucket idea...might have to copy that one! :)

  3. excuse my ignorance - i live in sunny south africa - but why would you need a snow melt bucket?