Thursday, December 20, 2007

sing along...

Today was Meagan and Josh's Elementary School Holiday Sing Along. I wasn't planning on going...Meagan has an orchestra concert tonight that we have to be to, and I thought two of these programs in one day was just too much for Seth & Zach. Meagan was good with it, and Josh hasn't said a single word about the Sing Along, so I figured he didn't care either. Until they were walking out to catch the bus and then Josh asked me if we going to be there and when I told him no, he started getting teary eyed. SO, I did what any good mom should do...I told him we'd be there. I got the little guys up and dressed and we were on our way a few minutes after 9:00. (I promised to stop at Walker's for Starbursts...hoping a little bribe would keep them happy and busy and quiet).

We arrived at the school about 10 minutes before the scheduled starting time. The boys wanted the candy immediately. The students started filing in...and the program started about 20 minutes late. By the time the first number was over, I was out of Starbursts (except the partially chewed globs of starburst goo that were deemed "yucky" and given back to me to attempt to wrap up in the torn wax paper wrappers and return to my purse while hoping they wouldn't leave sticky slime all over everything) and the boys were done sitting still and being quiet. Fun times.
When the 2nd grade went up to sing, Josh saw us (I think) standing in the back (where the boys and I moved to only a few minutes into the program...hoping not to disturb the other parents who had somehow managed to come without younger children...or who DID bring young children who were miraculously quiet and super well behaved - lucky them!). Meagan sang with the 5th grade, played the bells, and performed with the orchestra. I'm not sure if she saw us or not. I was able to get video of each of them...but no photos. They both did a great job. :o) I took my two loud little ones and left before the last two numbers (the sing along part) - but I was glad I went and it'll be fun for M & J to watch the video when they get home this afternoon.
Did I mention it was snowing this morning? It was. It still is, actually. As soon as we walked out of the school, Seth and Zach were so excited to be in the snow, they each took off running. What's a boy to do when there's fresh snow on the ground? Well, he has to be the first one to run through it and leave his mark, right?
Or...I suppose he could EAT it.

And what's a camera toting mom supposed to do? Well, document the day, of course! :o)


  1. your boys are too cute. I remember several events where my little ones behaved just like that - in fact sometimes they still do it!

  2. i always dread going to assembly's and things at the school ... because i always have the daycare kids with me. lol! at least you only had 2 to try and keep quiet. lol! alyssa has her first band concert tonight ... should be interesting!

    cute pics of the boys too! looks like they had fun!