Wednesday, December 19, 2007

a few random things to share...

okay...I couldn't stay away...just wanted to share a few more things.

I found this fun link on Laura's blog for Scrapbook sounds like such a fun concept! And it looks like Heather, the owner, just started a new blog - and she's doing some check it out: Scrapbook Bakery Blog!

I had another fun little Christmas Box in the last issue of Paper Crafts magazine. They returned it to me...and then asked me to send it back to them so Alisa could use it for a TV segment she was doing on Monday. I was planning on watching, but missed it because of the funeral. Bummer about missing it - Alisa always has lots of fun ideas, so I was looking forward to her segment!

Ooooh...and guess what else I got? An early Christmas present...
...I can't wait to fill it up!!


  1. glad you saw the "scrabook pie" ... doesn't it look yummy! love your box ... and that is too cool to have it featured on tv! you have to share your carousel all filled up with goodies! can you believe i have one of them still empty on my desk (nest to the filled up one. lol!) ... still trying to decide whether to fill it with more of my stuff or my girls stuff. lol!

  2. Love your box! I also love your Christmas pages. Always so creative. Thanks for putting up a link to my blog. Hope your family has a wonderful holdiay!