Friday, December 14, 2007


That's the word the weatherperson used to describe our temperatures. Frigid. She was right. 15 balmy degrees...that's what the thermometer is reading right now at my house. brrrrrr.... I'm so glad I don't have to go outside right now.
Yesterday, as we were driving to Park City, Seth commented to me, "Mom, we're having a busy day today." He was right. I got up early to get some stuff done around the house, and lucky for me, the little boys slept in, so I got everything on my list done...except for laundry, but I did get it started, before they woke up. I ordered some prints online. We attended Meagan's DARE graduation at 11:00. We ran to Park City to pick up a few things - on the way I got a phone call to see if I could do an "emergency" assignment for Making Memories that needed to be sent out by 4:00. We hurried with our errands and came home so I could work.

It started snowing about 2:00, and even though it continued all evening, it only left a skiff of snow on the ground. We drove to town and waited in line at the UPS store for way too long, then ran to the Post Office for stamps, because I forgot to buy them at the UPS store, and luckily the PO line was short.

Let's see...back home for more laundry, dinner preparations, and homework. Then we created our gingerbread house while we watched The Polar Express. I worked for a few hours, then we finally got the kids to settle down for the night...which took forever...I'm sure it's because the two little ones ate way more candy than they put on the gingerbread house!

And just because it's fun to share some holiday ideas, here are two little gable boxes I decorated with the two Making Memories Christmas lines. The first one was in the December issue of PaperCrafts magazine.


  1. busy, busy day! i need one of those days here ... so many little things that need to be done! and thanks for reminding me that i need to get some gingerbread houses ... i figured i'd get 3 of them and let each of the girls do them next week while the babies are napping! they are sooooo bored being out of school! lol!

  2. I love the boxes Wendy! So stinkin' cute! :) Have a good day.

  3. do sound like you had a busy day!! Very, very cute boxes! :o)

  4. CUTE! Cute boxes, cute gingerbread house, cute pic of Meagan.