Wednesday, December 12, 2007

december 13...

Last night Brad and I went to the Jazz game. He was there as a rep for his company...and I was there to tag along. ;) We sat in one of the Suites. Who knew you were served dinner - and it's not a hot dog and nachos, lol. We had lots of delicious food and then they brought the dessert cart. Holy Cow. I had the yum yum yummiest cheesecake...I couldn't even finish it...but, oh, it was so good. And guess what else I brought home? This beauty:
A Peppermint/Chocolate/Caramel Apple. Yep, you guessed it...YUMMY. The kids and I each had a little piece last night and then we all finished it off tonight. Brad's chocolate/almond/caramel Apple wasn't as big of a could it be, since it was sans peppermint...but it was still pretty good.

I had to go to Provo today to drop off some assignments at American Crafts and pick up our family picture. I'm still not thrilled with it, but I'm tired of dealing with them. Lesson learned, I won't order a large print from Fotogenix again. One good thing about my little trip, though, is that I finally STARTED my Christmas shopping. Yes, I am just starting. I picked up some things for our neighbor gifts and a few other little odds and ends. I'm hoping to make a trip all by myself on Saturday to do the bulk of the shopping. It feels good to finally be started.
In other news...I created our Christmas cards tonight. I basically cheated and used a pre-designed template from Heather Ann Designs. It is really pretty though, so as long as the printed photos look as good as they do on my monitor, they will be great. I'll be picking them up tomorrow, along with envelopes and my "cards" should be in the mail by Saturday. At least that's the plan. I can't believe what a procrastinator I've been this year.
Speaking of procrastinating...I'm also going to pick up a big package of card stock so I can create some fun calendars for Christmas gifts...and a few other things for a couple of Christmas projects I need to get done ASAP. Should be an interesting weekend here - I can't believe the kids only have 7 days of school until Christmas vacation!!
And in a totally unrelated topic, I noticed one of my layouts was on the Making Memories blog a few days I guess it's okay to share it here. Meagan took the pictures of us walking on the boardwalk at Strawberry Reservoir late last summer. I used the Noteworthy line - my new favorite. :o) to get some kids to go to sleep...then back to work for me...


  1. Cute layout Wendy. Glad you were able to get some shopping done too. I have a few things left to get, but I'm getting close to being done - whew! Can't wait to see your card.

  2. glad you got some christmas stuff going ... pictures, cards, shopping, handmade gift ideas! i can't believe how fast this month is going! even though i'm fairly ahead (compared to what i normally do) ... i know i'm going to have so much last minute stuff too!