Thursday, September 20, 2007

96 days...

...not that I'm counting or anything. But can you believe there are only 96 days until Christmas!?!? What, you're not counting down yet?!? Okay, then you'll probably want to ignore me when I mention that I'll be blasting Holiday tunes through my speakers in just over a month -- yes, I start listening to holiday tunes full-time right after Halloween. I love Christmas music. LOVE it.
So...just in case you are ready to start thinking about Christmas, I thought I'd share a few things. I received my copy of the latest Making Memories Idea book last week. I have a few projects in it, and I'm excited to incorporate these into our holiday celebrations this year. Especially the countdown wreath!

There are tons of easy to do projects by really talented designers in this book. Some projects might look a little familiar (at least they did to me), but most of them are completely new and fresh!
Okay, now I promise not to talk about Christmas least for a few weeks...maybe...


  1. What cute contributions you have to both of these books. You always do such wonderful and creative work - this with little or no sleep. I've yet to figure out your secret. I'll be putting these books on my "to get" list. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wendy, I love the handprint idea! Must put that on my to-do list!
    Glad to see you're bloggin' again!
    Janet - WI

  3. CUTE wreath!! So darling!! I'm so panicked about Christmas this year...don't know why, I just am!!! I feel like I need all my shopping done soon!! ;o)

  4. love your projects as always wendy!!

  5. love your projects wendy! i love the wreath idea! although i can't even start thinking about christmas yet. lol! i'm so NOT a planner! lol!

  6. I love your wreath!!! Super, super cute!! I want to make one too!!! I love Christmas! Talk to you at AMM tomorrow night!!!