Wednesday, August 08, 2007

ten things I did on Tuesday...

Yesterday was busy...but GOOD busy...definitely GOOD busy. Here's a quick list of 10 things I did:

1. Took Meagan to piano lessons (but first we stopped at McDonalds to pick up breakfast and a couple of DVD's - the boys and I sat in the van and ate and watched TMNT while Meagan was in her lesson.)

2. Went to Provo to run errands (had to return some things and pick up the kids pictures from last week.)

3. Went to FIVE - yes FIVE different stores looking for a copy of Eclipse, which was released yesterday. We were in Provo by 11:00 am, people...and EVERYPLACE was SOLD OUT!!! Sheesh, Stephenie Meyer has got to be one happy woman right now! Hopefully I'll be able to find a copy in the next week or two.

4. Speaking of "finding a copy," when I was organizing the baskets in our entertainment unit I found a video called "Mary Kate and Ashley's Fashion Show." Something the kids had borrowed from the library a few weeks ago. I thought we had returned it already. Oh, how I wish we had. We ran to the library only to hear this, "That will be $19 please." Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Never mind the hundreds of books and videos we've returned on time in the last two months. Apparently there is no negotiating with the HAPPY old women who work at the library. I bet the stupid video didn't even cost that much in the fist place. Oh well. Maybe they'll use my $19 to buy a good book I can borrow and return ON TIME. Maybe they can find a copy of Eclipse. Probably not for another year or so. okay, rant over.

5. Oh, one more fun thing I was able to deal with yesterday was spilled milk. No, I didn't cry over it....but when we got home from Provo to realize the box of milk from Costco had tipped over onto it's side, and one of the gallons was completely empty - and spilled all over the back of the van, I was not a happy camper. I cleaned it up as good as I could...but I'm afraid what the van is going to smell like when I go out there today.

6. Did I mention I stopped at Michael's and picked up a cute little bucket (on clearance) and finally bought my first Martha Stewart product - a cute little butterfly punch - can't wait to play with that one!

7. I finished up an assignment for Making Memories - did most of it on Monday, but it felt good to put the finishing touches on and submit it for approval yesterday (one whole day before it was actually due - which rarely happens).

8. I went out on an actual DATE with my husband. Dinner and a Movie. I honestly do not remember the last time we did this. We went out to dinner on my birthday in 2004...and that's the last time we went anywhere without the kids - but dinner and a movie - I honestly don't remember. Anyway, the kids had a great time with the babysitter and Brad and I had a great time eating a meal without being climbed on, having a conversation without being interrupted, and watching an entire movie without having to run out to take a potty break or a buy treats for the kids. Seriously - it was a wonderful 3 1/2 hours. Totally worth the fortune we had to fork out (between the sitter, and the date).

9. We saw the new "Bourne" it the Bourne Ultimatum...something like that. Good, good, good movie. Intense. Really enjoyed it!! (I think it may have been senior night at the theater last night - there were sooooo many older couples there - and it was funny before the movie started how a couple would walk in and see another couple and they'd be excited and walk over and visit before sitting down to enjoy their red vines and soda together before the movie even started. It made me smile.

10. I even got a kiss on my doorstep! Brad and I were joking about how weird it seemed to be on a date and I decided I needed a kiss before I opened the door and stepped back into my real life again. It really was wonderful to spend time together, just as a couple, and I can't wait to do it again. Although next time I'm thinking a board game and a shake and a drive up the canyon or something like that will be nice. :o)


  1. It sounds like you are having a great week.

  2. that sure was a busy day! how nice you and your hubby went out for a date ... my husband and i never go out either ... i think it's been about 8 months since we even did dinner just the 2 of us. lol! and that's pretty funny on the mary kate & ashley movie ... but really, don't you think it was worth the $19!!! lol! i have that movie ... i should send it to you ... you deserve to own it if you paid that much!

  3. OK, I HAD to comment because I did the same thing...ran everywhere looking for Eclipse. (My MIL found it at the BYU bookstore, never thought to look there!) Finally just came home and ordered it from Amazon---it was cheaper there anyway! And I SO hear you on the library thing. I think there should be credit given for EARLY returns to cover for some of the late ones!

  4. Wendy...
    I ordered my copy from Amazon...I'll send it to ya as soon as I'm finished...I'm hoping it shows up in my mailbox today!


  5. My Hubby and I just went to the same movie. Very good by my standards too!
    You must have been in the same theater as us, because I said the same comment to my DH about being the youngest couple in the room. Our occasion was the 4 month late anniversary date night. (we were too busy with softball, to go out on the original date)
    Glad we both had a great time with our handsome men.

  6. Hope you managed to find a copy of Eclipse! I ended up with 2 (got one early and then the one I pre-ordered showed up even though I thought I'd cancelled it) but I sold it to someone who also couldn't find it anywhere! I saw some at Barnes and Noble last Tuesday. :)