Wednesday, July 18, 2007

this week's ten...

1. Earlier this week, I got a little sneak peek of some organizational items Making Memories will be introducing later this week at CHA. I am SO excited about these items and I cannot wait until September when I can mine! I'll share pictures on Friday...when the show starts.
2. We took the boat out on Deer Creek last Saturday. [this is a picture off their website...I didn't take it...but isn't this a great shot with Mt. Timanogos in the background?]
Brad took the older kids and one of his friends early Saturday morning, then the whole family went out Saturday evening. We took a picnic, docked on the shore and walked around, fished, pulled the big kids on the tube. Seth and Zach both LOVED the boat -- Zach was almost too excited, and didn't want to sit down at all...he wanted to lean over the edge and watch the water. Yeah, he's just a little too brave for his own good.

3. My local scrapbook store had a huge sale last week. They moved into a new place that is a bit smaller, so they had to get rid of a lot of older inventory. They had a ton of stuff marked down 75%...then on Friday and Saturday, they had a "everything you can stuff into the bag for $25" sale. We arrived about 30 minutes after they opened, and while there was still some good stuff left, there were a lot of bigger ticket items that were gonzo. of course. Waiting in line for two hours to pay wasn't so much fun...but hey, a deal's a deal!

4. Zach is obsessed with taking walks around the neighborhood in his stroller. Every time we get home and get out of the van, he immediately high-tails it for his stroller and whines until we take him for a walk. Of course, when we get home, he whines to go again...

5. Zach has recently broadened his vocabulary. In addition to dad, mama, and baba...he can now tell you that a train says "choo choo." We're very proud. :o)
[Here he is on his cousin's little train - he makes a cute engineer, no?]

6. The kids are having lots of fun reading this summer. The library has a great summer reading program and we've already earned some fun prizes...including several ice cream cones from the Dairy Keen.

7. I received an e-mail today with a sneak peek into a new CK publication. I was excited to see my album featured in their online bonus features! Here's a link to the sneak-peek...and the pictures they posted of my album! When the book is released, I'll share more pics of my mini album - one of my favorites! The other sneak-peeks are really fun - I am very anxious to see this idea book!

8. Seth is my little potty training champ (see the other post from tonight).

9. Here's a quick picture of Seth with the orange bear he picked at the hospital last week -- and the cute little alien Meagan made and gave to him when he got home. 10. I think I'll end with's late...the dishwasher just beeped...

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  1. like hearing your "10" each week ... kindof like my random thoughts post i do all the time. lol! can't wait to see the new MM organizational stuff ... and the new ck idea book (i'm still trying to find the last one, maybe i can get them at the same time).