Friday, July 20, 2007

a few quick things...

I just had a few fun things I wanted to share this morning before I head out to run some errands.

1. Guess what was delivered to my doorstep yesterday? This:

I was thrilled to have a few cards published in this special issue from Paper Crafts Magazine...and beyond thrilled when I was told that they were using not one, but TWO of my cards on the cover!! (the mother's day hat card, and the baby announcement card are mine.) I don't think the idea book is actually available yet (the website says it's still a preorder item), but I'm sure it will be right away!

2. Today is the first day of I can finally share the two organizational products Making Memories is introducing that I am SO excited about. AND
I cannot wait for these to be available!! I know I need at least one of the carousels...and several of the desktop organizers - they will fit perfectly on top of my scrapboxes and I can keep the NEWEST product right at my fingertips -- oooh, it's like Christmas! :o) (I hear they will be ready to ship in September.)

3. Mr. Seth is getting to be an old pro at the potty thing -- we've even ventured outside the house in Thomas the Tank Engine Undies...and NO accidents! hooray!!

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  1. Congrats on the two card cover! I found your blog through Laura Vegas. I know I will be a regular now. I can't wait for the making memories organizational items to be available as well. Thanks for sharing.