Friday, July 27, 2007

it's friday...

...since we did a lot of playing during the week, we don't have any fun plans for the weekend. I'm hoping to do a little bit of organizing and work on a few projects, but I don't have any pressing deadlines, so that's nice. Maybe if I'm really lucky Brad will get bitten by the painting bug and we can paint another wall or two in the basement!!

I took a little field trip to Provo today with my mom and the kids. I had a few projects picked up by Paper Trends magazine (my first published projects with them!) and since they are oversized and awkward, and since they are conveniently located right at the mouth of Provo Canyon, I just delivered them today, rather than mailing them. The offices seemed a bit empty - maybe lots of people were taking a long weekend...but I was able to meet a really nice gal named Paige and her cute little bird! It's always fun to get a little peek behind the scenes at places like this!

We also did a quick Target run (where we bought most of Meagan's school clothes and a few things for Josh) and a Costco run (where we picked up some photos, milk, and cleaning products). Unfortunately, my membership was up, so I had to pay for that what should have been a "cheap" Costco trip turned into a "cheap + $100" trip. Oh well, it coulda been worse!

I also have a couple of scrapbook spreads I can share today -- I created them using a fun kit from Creating Keepsakes. They used one in their CHA booth, and the other I did just for me -- love their little 8x8 album kits!
Here's to a fun and relaxing weekend! :o)


  1. congrats on the paper trends publications! i've submitted a few larger things before ... and always wondered what i'd to if i actually had to ship them. lol!

    cute layouts too! love the smaller size. have a nice relaxing weekend!

  2. It's really true - a picture is worth a thousand words! I love this page of Zach. Love, Mom