Tuesday, May 01, 2007

tuesday 10...

Since I haven't been so consistent with posting on my blog lately, I thought it might be fun to set aside Tuesdays to make a list of 10 random things to share (and help myself remember) ... so here's today's TEN:

1. Being behind with my work really stinks -- part of it's my own fault, part of it is not...but playing the blame game doesn't work - I'm behind, period. And that means I probably get to stay up all night tonight!

2. The last few days have been beautiful. 80 degree temps, lots of sunshine -- we even got the sprinkler system up and running. Unfortunately, it's all coming to an end after today -- rain mixed with snow is in the forecast for tomorrow...so I'm contemplating cutting some of the tulips and bringing them in (I hate to cut them, but I'd hate it even worse if they died in the cold).

3. Josh crashed on his bike last night -- right up over the top of the handlebars. He hurt his foot, but it's not too bad (at least I don't think it is). Lucky kid.

4. All 3 boys got hair cuts last night -- handsome little things!!! :O)

5. Brad started his new job (well, a new position in the same company) last week. There are lots of good things about the change -- I'll share my FAVORITE part of his new job soon.

6. Mean, rude, arrogant people really need to just go away. far away. seriously.

7. I pulled the kids out of school last Friday and we went shopping -- I love when we can all go shopping and have fun together -- minimal arguing, whining, fighting, etc. It was fun!

8. Mother-in-law is coming to stay with us for a few days. Not sure how I feel about this one yet...but the kids are excited, so that's good!!

9. This probably should have been at the top of today's list -- but really, this list is in NO particular order...I have a new nephew!!! Blake Wesley was born last Thursday evening. He's the cutest little (well, not so little - almost 9 pounds) newborn I've seen in a long time. (at least 15 months, lol.) Congrats again R & K!!! :o)

10. I went to a baby shower last Saturday. The hostess (cupcake neighbor) pulled out all the stops -- the decorations were SO cute, the favors (brownies in a baby bottle) were darling, the food was absolutely divine (in fact, we're having the spinach/stawberry salad with our dinner tonight...I can't wait to eat it again), the whole atmosphere was incredible. So fun. Nope, I didn't take my camera. Dang it.

And now, I probably should do some work...since it's going to take a 36 hour day to finish everything that's due in less than 24 hours. Ahhh, I'm so serious about buying some extra hours.


  1. Good luck girl. LONG days are hard, especially when creativity needs to be involved. So good luck!

    And I'd love to hear the Spinach salad recipe....yum...

  2. Good luck, Wendy. Still trying to find a place to buy more time.

  3. Great list!!

    Let me know if you want to buy those in bulk. We can go in together to save some $. Ha!!