Thursday, May 03, 2007

mm challenge...

My sketch challenge went up on the Making Memories blog today. I have ALWAYS been a sketch-lovin' gal. Even before they were popular, I was making sketches and taking little notes in a notebook that was always by my side. You know what my very most favorite thing about sketches is? They are timeless. Seriously. Papers, stickers, embellishments -- those things can definitely date a layout...but sketches, they pretty much can be used and reused forever. Change them up a bit, twist them around, add, take away, adjust them for a different size or number of photos ... I LOVE them! Usually, my finished layout doesn't look a lot like the sketch I started with, but the sketch gives me a place to start -- and sometimes getting started is half the battle!! Anyway, I'd love for you to join me in my sketch lovin' challenge. If you use the SIMPLE sketch I posted on the MM blog to create a layout, leave a link here on my personal blog, under this post. I'll wait a week. Next Friday night (May 11th), I'll draw a winner for a little prize. Nope, I will not be "judging" the layouts for a winner -- it'll just be a little drawing, but you have to create a layout and share it to be eligible to win. :O)

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  1. I just came across your go girl!! I saw that you are from Utah. I live in Missouri right now but I am moving to Utah in 45 days. Wahoo! I am so excited. Sorry....just thought i would share. I am totally going to do the mm sketch! I will share a lin with you when I am done.