Wednesday, May 16, 2007

today's ten...

1. This is what Zach looked like after Meagan and Josh left for school this morning.This kid LOVES his big brothers and sister. I'm glad today is "short day" so they'll be home a little earlier and Zach can be happy!!

2. I've been selling some of my "old" stuff on EBay -- not making a ton of money, but it feels good to make a little bit of cash and free up space for NEW stuff!!

3. Last week the little boys and I went over to my mom and dad's to wait for their new entertainment center and tv to be delivered. Since my brother had to work, we got to spend some time playing with Daxen too. These little boys LOVE the playground at Grandpa & Grandma's, so we spent a few hours out there.

4. Meagan and Josh both had field trips last Friday. I sent disposable cameras with each of them. Josh went to the Natural History Museum and took all of his pics - I need to get them developed (could be very interesting...). Unfortunately, Meagan's teacher told her she couldn't take her camera. Whatever. I'll be glad (and so will Meagan) when 4th grade is history.

5. I've been working on getting the "guest bath" decorated...which also serves as the bathroom for the boys. Frogs and Ducks. It's getting close to being finished - feels good.

6. Mother's day was nice. We were able to visit my Grandma and my mom Sunday evening.

7. Brad hand washed my van and vacuumed it out for part of my Mother's Day gift. It feels so good to get into a sparkly clean van -- ESPECIALLY when I didn't have to clean it myself!!

8. Saturday afternoon/evening I was able to weed all of the flower beds along the front of the house and the side. I need to take some photos of the beautiful tulips before they go away...whoever lived here before planted a TON of tulip bulbs -- it was a sweet surprise to watch them bloom this spring.

9. Bubbles. Pure Fun.

10. 8 more days of school until Summer vacation. Crazy!


  1. Wendy....
    Was Josh at the museum at Thanksgiving Point? If so... I was there on Friday on a field trip with Haley's class. How funny!

  2. poor little guy! I hope he was much happier when the kids came home! I hope that you are doing well, nice catching up with you on your blog :)

  3. What is wrong with that teacher? Doesn't she know your little girl is a future scrapper!!