Tuesday, March 27, 2007

spring has left the building...

Seriously, the weather is stinky. We've had some super nice, warm, sun-shiny days over the last week or two. Today, we're supposed to get several inches of snow. Dang, I am so tired of winter, but apparently old man winter thinks he needs to make one last visit to our little valley before he goes on vacation for a few months. I decided to go ahead and cut a bunch of my daffodils and bring them inside so we can enjoy them for a few days. Normally I wouldn't cut them...but since they probably couldn't weather the storm, I opted to bring a bunch of them inside so we can have a little bit of Spring inside over the next few days even if the snow is falling outside. I put them in my very favorite vase...one that held a beautiful flower arrangement that the sweet people at Making Memories sent to me when Zach was born. Seth decided he was going to help me arrange the flowers...he felt bad for the little bent flowers that I wasn't going to put in the vase, so he figured he'd put them in all by himself. Silly kid.

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  1. I too brought my daffodils in...barely beating the wind/ rain that's blowing in. Good news is that this storm is short-lived and we'll be enjoying the sun again!