Wednesday, March 14, 2007

it's short day...

Do all elementary schools have a "short day" now? We didn't have one when I was in school. We started at 8:15 and got out at 2:30, every single day. My kids don't start as early, and they go a little later...except on Wednesdays. On Wednesdays they get out at 2:25. That's over an hour earlier than normal. It's not bad (except when you have a child in afternoon kindergarten, so they have school for a whopping TWO hours - sheesh, those days it didn't even seem worth the effort, lol!) Anyway, for some reason it seems that I try to pack more into my days on Wednesday - I know, maybe I'm just not the brightest light in the fixture...but for some reason I do it. And today, BLOGGING is on my list of things to check off, so here I am! :o)

Last Sunday night I got a phone call at about 9:00 pm. I was surprised to hear a voice on the other end of the line asking me to help out with a TV commercial for The Scrap Box. The deal was pretty good...except for one thing - it was the next day. Oddly enough, Brad happened to have the day off, so early Monday morning I was packing up all (yes ALL) the contents of my Scrap Box, loading them into the van, and heading out to Salt Lake to the KJZZ studios. It was a long day, but a very interesting experience. You just never think about all the work that might go into a 30 second TV spot....ours was all day + just shooting footage, without actors and actresses - The SCRAP BOX is the Star, lol - and that doesn't count all the hours that still have to be put into editing, music, and everything else they do behind the scenes. Anyway, sometime next month, if you're local, you can see the commercial on local channels. I know it will air during Good Things Utah and Oprah...and I don't know for sure when else. If you look closely you might recognize my family photos and a page I put together on set. fun stuff. Unfortunately, we put my camera in the bottom of the ScrapBox as a prop, so I didn't take a single photo all day.

So yesterday was catch-up day. Brad did a lot of the picking up and laundry on MOnday, so that was great! I did more laundry and cleaning and some work, and by the time we got home from piano lessons, I was ready to call it a day. Unfortunately, with the time change, we still had a lot of daylight left, and the kids weren't even close to being done with their day! So we played outside, because it was in the 60's yesterday (nice). We had dinner from Dairy Keen...I know, I know -- but I'm making up for it today - dinner's already in the crock pot for tonight.

Today is supposed to be nice too -- can't wait to spend some time outside with the kids. Hopefully it will be both a productive and FUN day again. I like going to bed at night knowing I had a full day and accomplished much. And, because it's hard to do a post without a photo or a project, here's a little something to share: A photo edited using Mindy Bush's actions...I just bought these and I'm having a blast learning how to use them!

And here are a few quick and easy cards using Layout leftovers... Cheeky papers (of course), Heidi Swapp stars, and misc. letter stickers. :)


  1. How cool to do a commercial. I'll have to try to watch.
    Hasn't the weather been fantastic. As a kid, I loved Daylight Savings, as a mother I despise it. So hard to get kids to come in and settle down at night.
    Have great day!

  2. i had to physically sigh after reading your post - you're amazing! i only have two kids and i am not half as organized as you. well done! that gives me something to strive towards - thanks!

  3. Congrats on your commercial...I will be watching for it! And, I hear you on the early-out day thing. The legislature passed this last year, mandating the early-out for teacher meetings. Anyway. Our early-out day is Monday so I deem that afternoon Clean The House Day!

  4. all man, I wish we got us commericals...congrats wendy, maybe someday I will see you on the tele!!!

  5. Ohh, I'm really not fond of the early out days either. My high schooler gets home at 1:15 on Mondays! The afternoon seems to drag on forever :)
    How fun to do that commercial...can't wait to see it.