Thursday, February 01, 2007

weight loss...

I think I dropped between 100 - 200 pounds over the last two days. Now before you start thinking, "sheesh, that girl must be the size of a small yacht"...I'll let you know that the weight didn't actually come off of my body (though it did feel like it lifted some weight from my shoulders, hee hee).

I've recently shed aobut 8 big boxes of scrapbook stuff!! I wish I had thought to take some photos of the boxes full of "stuff" sitting out in my family room...but I didn't even think of that. I had family and close friends come over two nights ago, then invited all the gals I could think of from the neighborhood yesterday. I told them to take whatever they would use -- and they did! Everyone seemed so excited to take their box full of goodies when they left. I hope they feel inspired and excited to go home and save some memories.

I LOVED sharing the stuff I have accumulated over the years...stuff I can't use or just don't want to store any longer. After everyone took all they wanted, I still had one large and one small box of "stuff" left this morning, so I drove Josh to school and took it inside and left it with a note in the teacher's lounge...hopefully they can use everything that was left.

Ahhh, losing weight feels so if only my butt and belly would agree -- really, guys, it feels SO let's drop it! (Maybe I should call my friends and family to see if they'd like to help me out in that department too....anybody want a few extra pounds?!?)


  1. Thanks for sharing all your "stuff".
    I'm excited to get it and it is very motivating to have it. Now I just need to start creating!

  2. Your family and neighbors are so lucky!! I love checking in to see what you've created. Thanks for such great inspiration. - Janet, Wisconsin

  3. I'd gladly pay the postage for some.....

  4. That really is an awesome feeling---like all your shelves and bins and boxes are just so SLENDER, lol. I'm certain the teachers loved it!