Thursday, February 08, 2007

sick kids...

are not fun at all...especially when they're little and can't tell you what hurts! Zach and Seth have both been sick this week - Zach started getting sick last Friday and when I took him in to the ped. on Monday he had a double ear infection and upper resp. yucks...Monday night Seth started coughing and acting really tired, so it's just been a blast around here the last few days. Hopefully we're on the down-hill-side though, and everyone will be healthy for Valentine's Day next week!

Speaking of Valentine's Day, I was asked to do a challenge on the Making Memories blog for today. My assignment was to share some quick and easy Valentine's Day Cards -- I love it when I can make something for work that I can also use at home. And I'm happy to say that the Valentine's Day cards for my kids and husband are DONE already! Hooray!

I did venture out today and took the boys to Provo. I needed to pick up the 500+ prints that I sent to Costco to be printed. And I'm copying my friend, Angela, and bought some 3-up albums at Costco to organize all of our photos in. I'll just pull out the ones I want to scrapbook when I'm ready - but at least we can enjoy the pictures until that time comes. (Thanks, Ang!) This set is almost six months worth of photos from last year - January through part of June. Feels good to have them I just need to get them in order and put in the albums.

Of course, we had to visit Target and Gymboree too...and I bought some fun things for the kids for Valentine's day - but it's a secret! (Meagan likes to check my I won't be spoiling her surprise today.)

Okay, the boys are sleeping and the big kids will be home any minute...time to get something done!


  1. Sounds like we're living the same life right now! LOL....Alex has an ear infection and a cough and stuffed up/runny nose! And Olivia has the same nose issues! All I know is that if I have to wipe on more snotty nose....ugh! ;o) Darling, darling cards!! You're so sweet to make your family cards!! DH will be lucky if he gets a smile that day! LOL...j/k...kinda!

  2. Hey Wendy, Sorry to hear about your sick boys! Hope the rest of you are feeling good. What's a 3-up album? I might know it, if I saw it--the name just doesn't ring a bell. I check your blog's nice to hear what your up to. I like your V-day cards. I might have to copy some, they are cute. Have a good weekend. Happy Valentine's Day.
    Kristy L.