Tuesday, January 23, 2007

"cute" stuff...

Okay, here's my confession...I LOVE "cute" scrapbook stuff. I was sad when I started to see "cute" go by the wayside in the scrapbook industry a few years ago. Not to say I don't like other styles too (because I DO), but I was still an in-the-closet-cute-scrapbook-supply-and-page-lover. I was talking to someone in the industry a while back and she said to me, "I love that you make "cute" layouts. I mean, our kids are CUTE -- we need CUTE things so we can create CUTE pages for them." (and I couldn't agree with her more. *wink*). Well, I'm still in love with cute things....which is why I'm so thrilled that O'Scrap! is making a come-back. I guess, technically, they never really went away -- their stuff was still available, but they hadn't released anything new for a few years. ANYWAY, they are coming back in a BIG way -- with a huge new release at CHA. Same talented artists (Heather McCurdy and Erika Clayton...I've been a fan of each of these gals since their days at Pebbles way back when), incredible colors, fun embellishments....good stuff. And I'm so excited that I get to be a part of their new release... Anyway, if you LOVE "cute" as much as I do, you're gonna love this stuff!
Here's a little sneak-peek of a few projects I created for their booth at CHA and the new catalog: (remember the cowboy hat pics from a few days ago?)


  1. What fun layouts!! Cute kids do deserve cute stuff on their layouts!!

  2. Wendy - you are my hero!! I am so glad to see that O'Scrap is back and cannot wait for the designs. thanks for shaing yours. :0) R

  3. I LOVE CUTE! Your pages are THE CUTEST. I love them (and you).

  4. Those are some mighty "cute" layouts.

    Thanks for sharing!