Friday, September 29, 2006

seth's robot...

Just a funny thing I thought I'd share (and include here so I don't forget):

I was busy getting Zach dressed this morning when Seth came in demanding his robot. Here's how our conversation went:

Seth: Mom, I want my robot.
Me: You don't have a robot.
Seth: Yes, Mom, I just want my robot.
Me: You don't have a robot, Seth.
Seth: (getting obviously frustrated) Mom, just get it. Get my robot. I want it!
Me: What are you talking about? Where is it? Can you show me?
Seth: It's in my closet.
Me: (knowing full well that there are no toys in his closet...and also knowing full well that he does not have a ROBOT!) Okay, then, let's go in your room and you can show me.
Seth: Okay, mom, come on.

We walk in to his room and open the closet....
Seth: See, Mom, it's RIGHT there. Get it for me.
Me: OH, that "robot"!! Okay, let's get it and then I'll get my camera and take some pictures of you with it. (smiling at the whole conversation now)

Here's what he wanted:

Apparently, "robot" sounds very similar to "robe on."

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

the truck...

The kids all had so much fun this summer staying with Grandpa and Grandma while we were waiting to move in to our new house. One of the fun things was getting to see Daxen a lot while he was here with Tony...and another fun thing for Seth was getting to play with Daxen's toys...especially his TRUCK!

It was actually quite comical to watch, on most days. Seth and Daxen are the same age...2. Typical 2-year-olds who sometimes only want to play with something if someone else already has it (and BECAUSE somebody else has it)! Sometimes they played together with the truck, but usually we had to referee, talk about sharing, teach (again) about taking turns, and then stand closely by so they didn't knock each other over trying to get INTO the truck! Here are a couple of the photos of them together...

{okay, so blogger isn't going to cooperate...I'll try to add these pics later...}
Sadly, when we left, the truck had to stay...but we can go back and visit it often. ;)

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Sunday, September 17, 2006

zach's new trick...'s taken him a while to figure out the whole "sitting up" thing,
but he's finally catching on!

Friday, September 15, 2006

feels like fall...

The weather is changing. It's raining. It's cold. I love it! My October magazine issues have started coming in the mail. I'm excited to pull out the fall decorations - starting with the Halloween stuff! In honor of the new season, and my excitement for it, I thought I'd share a few projects I did for Making Memories that were included in the latest issue of Paper Crafts Magazine
. !

I LOVE the new Halloween Line by MM and have had so much fun creating pages and paper crafts with it. I'm excited to create some pages of the kids this year using these papers and we just need to decide on costumes...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

craving pickles...

No, not ME!! (What were you thinking?!?)

However, Seth will take one...or two...or however many you'll give him! He's our little pickle lover.
And for all of my scrapbooking MUST check this out!!
Making Memories is hosting an MM IDOL contest.
How cool is that?!?

Monday, September 11, 2006


He's SEVEN...but when I asked him if he felt like he was seven on the morning of his birthday, he answered, "Um, I kind of feel like I'm eight!" lol, what a funny kid!

His birthday was pretty low-key. He opened gifts from us before church...except the bike. We didn't tell him to look out in the shed until after church, because we knew he'd want to take it out for a spin! So when we got home from church, he got his bike and took it for a practice ride around the back yard. He took it for a ride around the neighborhood, but then put it away for the day. We had a little family party with cake and icecream in the evening. I kind of felt bad that we didn't do a "friend" party, but everything has been pretty chaotic and crazy with moving (and remains that way still...ugh!). He was great with it though, he didn't even ask about it.

I swear, the kid has matured a ton in the last 3 weeks. His temper and behavior issues that I was worried about seem to be pretty much gone (what a relief...knock on wood). He's just a genuine sweet heart almost all of the time -- he's still a boy after all! lol

He's always willing (sometimes too willing) to help with Zach. He loves him so much. First grade started a couple of weeks ago and I was scared to death for it because he had such a horrible experience in kindergarten (why do people who seem to not like children at all choose to be kindergarten teachers. come on people, if you like to yell, you probably should not be teaching 5 and 6 year old kids!) Anyway, he's doing great! Loving his teacher and learning to read and loving art (he asked me this morning if I thought he should be an artist when he grew up because he's so good at art). He also loves eating at school and recess. Love him! :o)

Friday, September 01, 2006

coming to you live...

...from the new house!!! It's so nice to FINALLY be here! We still have to paint the entire downstairs, and we have about 7.6 million boxes to unpack (at least it feels like it)...but we're here and I'm so glad. :o) So, in honor of our new home, let's party! OK, it's not really in honor of my move...but I DID make some fun party decorations this week. They're on the Making Memories Blog - you can see them by clicking HERE. I'm planning on working through the weekend (along with unpacking and cleaning here), but I'll also be hitting Swiss Days early tomorrow morning with my mom and Meagan - can't wait for that! Oh, and we WILL be celebrating this weekend...Josh will be seven on Sunday - seriously, seven. How did that happen?!?